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(yet to be written - tomorrow)
Applet plugin is available at the [applet plugin home page|] --Sebastian
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Save the source code shown at the bottom of this page into a file called {{}}. Then invoke the Java compiler as follows
(or similar - depending on the development environment you are using)
Dear Sebastian and/or Andreas...
I was thinking about porting a simple deployment of nfc chat ( to jspwiki. Having looked at your website [] I discovered you have a chat running. Are you going to port this to jspwiki? It would exceed what I had planned to do, as it would appear to "archive" the chat transcript to the page. thx! -- Sherman Mohler []
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The problem with this 'chat' is that it consumes a lot of bandwidth because it just reloads the page in an iframe each second, so if you have some people in the chat the same time, it will bring your server down. If this is no problem for you, I can show you the code. -- SebastianBaltes
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Create a JAR archive containing the Java class file for the plugin. You may use the command
''(20-Jun-2006)'' I just tried the Applet Plugin in a 2.4.11 install and it is failing with the following message:
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jar cvf ###.jar ###.class
Plugin insertion failed: class "com.ecyrd.jspwiki.plugin.Applet"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package
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for that purpose.
I looked inside the .jar file and it is using the (I think) default JSPWiki Java package, {{com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin}}
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Then move that file into any directory within your wiki's class path - preferrably into the {{WEB-INF/lib/}} folder within your web server's ''web application directory'' for the JSPWiki.
-- [NascifAbousalhNeto]
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Finally restart the Wiki for the plugin to be recognized.
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Fixed by changing package names, see attachment at [SebastianBaltes].
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Within wiki markup, invoke the plugin as follows
As the class resides in the default directory, there is no need neither to prefix the plugin name with a package path nor to modify the plugin search path within the JSPWiki configuration file.
-- [NascifAbousalhNeto], 22-Jun-2006
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!!Source Code
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[Andreas Rozek|] (EMail: [Andreas.Rozek@GMX.De|mailto:Andreas.Rozek@GMX.De])
I'd propose to treat the ''width'' and ''height'' attributes of the applet as strings, not integers. As the values are just copied into the generated HTML there is no need to restrict them to integers.
This way it becomes possible to use relative sizes, e.g. ''width="100%"''. This is legal HTML but is currently not possible with the AppletPlugin.
Luckily this is just a very small change in {{executeSafe(..)}}:
// Integer width = parser.getInteger(PARAM_WIDTH, new Integer(300));\\
// Integer height = parser.getInteger(PARAM_HEIGHT, new Integer(300));\\
String width = parser.getString(PARAM_WIDTH, null);\\
String height = parser.getString(PARAM_HEIGHT, null);\\
-- [JensGulden], 2006-10-07
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