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* That is only true if you are using URL-based filtering combined with basic authentication of the servlet container. I would of recommend against it - it will be a real hassle to manage. \\ ''(YM) then what is your recommendation? It is a hassle, and we should eventualy migrate to something better, but we wanted a Q&D solution..''
As a Q&D solution it probably works, but still... As long as you are aware of the drawbacks =). If Tomcat is not giving back the correct MimeType you should check your $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/web.xml if all of the MIME types you need are in there. At least with Tomcat 3 it is very lacking. ''If'' the MIME types in that file are correct, then there may be a problem with JSPWiki.
;:''Well, I'm afraid it looks like a bug.. \\ try this page: [] (enter as guest:guest). *.tt is the convention for a language called [ToonTalk |], we use in our project. I've configured Tomcat to mark it as application/x-toontalk. Normaly, that should open a dialog asking you to choose the application for that type (unless you've installed [ToonTalk |], in which case your browser "knows"). This works for the link I hacked directly to the attached file, but not through the attach servlet. \\ at first, I thought this was because I only configed the mime-type in my web-app's web-xml. But I've tried changinf the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/web.xml and it still doesn't work. \\ should I move this bit to the bugs page? \\ -- YishayMor''
Nope. My browser says "You have chosen to open a file of type application/toontalk" (Mozilla 1.3, Linux). This happens for both links, the one that has been hacked and the other one that has not. It seems that there is something else wrong - for some reason your browser seems to ignore the Content-Type header. Could you detail your browser/OS/servlet container information?
BTW, if you have really configured it as application/__x__-toontalk, then you need to check your setup.
­-- JanneJalkanen
;:''The server runs Tomcat 4.1 over NT. My browser is Netscape 7.02 over XP. I also tried it with IE. \\ Under IE, the type is recognized but the file doesn't open. The hacked link works fine in both. I have application/toontalk in the webapp/WEB-INF/web-xml and __x__toontalk in the main ($TOMCAT_HOME/conf/) web.xml \\ -YishayMor''
Take away one or the other. I would take away the one in webapp/WEB-INF/web-xml. It could well be that Tomcat is confused because of that.
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