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At line 16 added 3 lines
maxpages doesn't appear to be honored.
At line 22 added 4 lines
trailtype doesn't appear to be implemented in the code.
At line 62 changed one line
This tag allows you insert a "trace" of the user's most recently visited pages on the Wiki.
At line 64 changed one line
--1001������, 22-Oct-2007
It requires cookies to function correctly. If the user has disabled cookies, no trail is generated.
This tag has been contributed by Ken Liu (ken at
<wiki:Breadcrumbs maxpages="<integer>" separator="<string>" />
;__maxpages__: How many pages should we track? Default is 10 most recent pages.
;__separator__: HTML snippet for what should be between the listed pages. Default is " | ".
;__trailtype__=''(visit|breadcrumb)'': what kind of trail should be left. The default is ''breadcrumb'', this shows all the pages, in order that they were displayed. If you display a page twice, there will be two entries in the breadcrumb. Using ''visit'' as the parameter shows the trail as all the pages that were visited. If you visit a page more than once, it is only shown once in the list.
Your trail: <wiki:Breadcrumbs />
!Known bugs
<wiki:Breadcrumbs />
Separator does not clean the HTML it is given - it is thus a security hazard.
8 August 2004\\
New version uploaded - change was the trailtype support. Tested against the 2.0.54 release, change the log statements to have it work with 2.1.103. -- [Foster Schucker]
About a year later, with vers. 2.2.28 I tried to use the trailtype attribute, but receive
{{{"javax.servlet.ServletException: /templates/default/ViewTemplate.jsp(19,35)
Attribute trailtype invalid for tag Breadcrumbs according to TLD"}}}\\
Could it be that the uploaded update has not been integrated into the distribution? Please someone check this!
-- Gregor Hagedorn, 24 Aug. 2005
Regarding the FIXMEs in this code. How about something like this (tried in 2.1.106):
{{{out.print(engine.textToHTML(m_wikiContext, "[" + curPage + "]"));}}}
Instead of:
{{{out.print("<a class=\"" + linkclass + "\" href=\"" +
engine.getViewURL(curPage)+ "\">" + curPage + "</a>");}}}
Are the square brackets defined somewhere?
I haven't tested extensively to see what it breaks. It'd potentially allow non existant pages and attachments to show up in bread crumbs with their usual styles.
--AnonymousCoward, 08-Sep-2009 15:30
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