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Can you try this with a more recent build? (e.g., one of the nightlies?) Some of the auth code has changed a bit since then.
--Andrew Jaquith, 29-Mar-2006
Is this still a problem? Can we close it?
-- JanneJalkanen, 13-Aug-2006
Hi, is this the same v2.4.37
500 Servlet Exception
at com.ecyrd.jspwiki.ui.WikiServletFilter.doFilter(
at com.caucho.server.http.FilterChainFilter.doFilter(
at com.caucho.server.http.Invocation.service(
at com.caucho.server.http.CacheInvocation.service(
at com.caucho.server.http.HttpRequest.handleRequest(
at com.caucho.server.http.HttpRequest.handleConnection(
Could you please try 2.4.52? There have been some changes for WebLogic in particular.
-- JanneJalkanen
There have been no fault reports on WebLogic since 2.4.53, so I am assuming this is fixed. Please reopen, if there is a problem.
-- JanneJalkanen, 24-Sep-2006
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