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5/12/2005 \\
I had this problem too on a Debian machine \\
JSPWiki Engine Version = 2.0.52\\
Character Encoding = ISO-8859-1\\
Total Number of Pages = 214\\
Current Page Provider com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.CachingProvider\\
Real provider: com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.VersioningFileProvider\\
Do we beautify titles? false\\
Do we match english plural forms? true\\
Are CamelCase links used? false\\
Is HTML allowed on pages? false\\
Switched from default to OldBook, no problem, then switched from OldBook to brushed steel and had this issue, tried switching back to OldBook, still giving a blank page. Set back to default and it seems ok now. URL seems ok, apache working fine, prompted for http login ok, no apache errors, no tomcat errors, nothing unusual in the wiki logs. Viewing page source was also blank.
I've had this problem too after installing the jsp-wiki alpha version and going back to the stable version. It helped to clean the $CATALINA_HOME/work directory. Probably it might help after changing the templates, too.
Seems solved....
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