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Here's the patch [VersioningFilePageExistPatch.patch].
The WikiEngine now asks the pageManager.pageExist(pageName, version). If the provider is a CachingProvider and that CachingProvider has a realProvider of VersioningFileProvider I ask directly the PageInfo from the VersioningFileProvider. The results are below.
before: 62182 / 52527 / 52050 msec.\\
after: 7835 / 4118 / 5619 msec.\\
I fabricated the patch with the command : 'diff -u changed_file original_file'. Is that the right way to do it?
-- KeesKuip
Thanks! I looked into it, but I figured it would be dumb to just tie it to a single provider. So I created a VersioningProvider interface with {{"pageExists( String name, int version"}} and made VersioningFileProvider and CachingProvider implement it. It's now ''very'' fast. The change is in 2.3.30, now in CVS.
The correct command would be "diff -Naur <original_file> <new_file>", for example:
diff -Naur JSPWiki_orig/ JSPWiki_mychanges/
Try to use this from a top -level directory, i.e. not "diff -Naur ../../../JSPWiki_orig/src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/". This confuses all patch programs.
-- JanneJalkanen
Thanks, I checked the latest source out with the following results:\\
4569 / 4303 / 2232 msec.\\
That is an improvement of 60-100x of the first results.
-- KeesKuip
Well, thanks for providing such a good profile; it was easy to fix after your hard work!
-- JanneJalkanen
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