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I uploaded two patch files which fix this bug. was modified to use the container for storing
WikiSession's. With this change it no longer needs to run as a
background thread. This simplifies the management of WikiSession's
and allows it to work no matter how a container might manage HttpSession's
internally. This also will allow WikiSessions to survive container or web application restarts. WikiSession was modified to remove the code to start
the SessionMonitor background thread.
You need to add the following to the web.xml after the filter-mappings.
HttpSessionListener used for managing WikiSession's.
One additional change is needed. WikiSession should implement so that it can be marshalled out with the HttpSession by the container to persistent storage during a container or web application restart or if HttpSession's are clustered between multiple application servers or stored in a database.
--Glenn Nielsen, 01-Nov-2006
One final note. I subscribed using mailman to both the JSPWiki dev and user lists. I never received an subscription e-mails. It sure would be easier to discuss these types of bugs and patches on a mailing list.
--Glenn Nielsen, 01-Nov-2006
Yes, they would be. I'm a bit worried that you didn't receive the subscription emails. Can you try again? If it still does not work, send me private email.
Andrew, do you have a comment on these?
(From my side I don't think WikiSession can be marshalled because it includes a reference to a WikiEngine, and that most certainly is not serializable.)
-- JanneJalkanen, 01-Nov-2006
This seems like a pretty good set of revisions. Certainly, it's a good idea to use existing J2EE methods rather than cook up our own scheme. (Although, if we wanted to use less radical surgery we could simply use the session ID as a key rather than the HttpSession.) We would need to make sure that it works as advertised on the most popular web app servers, although I can't see why it wouldn't.
As for the reason why WikiSession isn't stored in the HTTP session - it's because there are a LOT of strong references that we'd bring in to the HTTP session if we did that. It would cause a memory leak. In fact, in previous versions it WAS in the HttpSession -- after a bunch of memory profiling I figured it would be better to remove it.
Tim and Glenn -- thanks for your work on this.
--Andrew Jaquith, 01-Nov-2006
Looks solid enough; I'll incorporate this into the stable branch soonish.
-- JanneJalkanen, 10-Nov-2006
Incorporated into 2.4.80. Thanks heaps guys!
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