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Downgrading; there's not enough information here to debug.
-- JanneJalkanen
And after almost two years, there still isn't any diagnostic material ==> bug closed
This can happen if Tomcat doesn't notice that some files have changed, and doesn't recompile them. Clear out your Tomcat work directory and try again.
Just trying to install JSPWiki on Ubuntu after sorting out various security policy problems. Now down to this problem:
Including failed, got a servlet exception from sub-pag
e. Rethrowing the exception to the JSP engine.
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Exception in JSP: /templates/default/ViewTemp
8: <head>
9: <title>
10: <fmt:message key="view.title.view">
11: <fmt:param><wiki:Variable var="ApplicationName" /></fmt:param>
12: <fmt:param><wiki:PageName /></fmt:param>
13: </fmt:message>
Version 2.6.3 Java 6 Tomcat 5.5
Any suggestions?
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