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Hmmm.... This seems to be something brought between the last alpha and CVS. Andrew?
-- JanneJalkanen
I think this may be a duplicate of Mariano's issue on [FAQ Authentication]. The 2.3.63 binary build omitted the jspwiki.jks keystore. The current one, though (Jan 5, 8PM EST/US) seems ok. I will check this out further, --Andrew
Even with the latest nightly (2.3.68-cvs) I have this bug as well. I note during starup that there is this error but I don't know if its relevant:
ERROR com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.AuthenticationManager - Could not install security policy: Policy implementation must be of type
-- RobertMcGovern
Robert -- see the JSPWiki mailing list archives about this. I've made some comments to Janne (who relayed your issue to me).
-- [Andrew Jaquith], 13-Jan-2006
This bug has been fixed in subsequent builds. See the current Alpha build. -- Andrew Jaquith
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