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For now, we use [Bugzilla|]
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Some ideas about pro and con, because I searched a bug tracking system some time ago. I don't want to recommend that one,
because it's now commencial and has some disadvantages. I think a good start to his question is a list of neccessary features to get an ideas how to implement them.
Neccessary features for a bug tracker: (I name bugs as items in this list)
* Creating items by anyone even anonymous user (with possibility to restrict this to authorized user)
* Configure projects/products with applicable values to the attributes of an item (name, system, module, type, release, etc.)
* Configure access permissions to items resp. projects (very good would by configure roles)
* Adding attachments to items (with revisions)
* Maintain items state with state transition and text description
* Crossreference between items
* Search for items by full text and/or attributes
* Report item states / project state
* Maintain user
Still more to add? (Of course)
I think it could be possible to add the missing features to jspwiki. At the end you will be much happier with that solution, than with another product.
Using sub pages and page metadata could lead to a nice solution. Missing stuff is configuration stuff.
Advantages doing it with the jspwiki:
* User database must not be maintained in jspwiki and bug tracker.
* jspwiki is using is own sub pages and metadata implemetation, which gives benefits to both sides.
* Crossrefernce to bugs and attachments of bugs will be easy.
* Items (bug reports) can be beautified with TextFormattingRules (nice feature).
Has anyone disadvantages in addition to implementation time and effort?
-- [Guido], 22-Jan-2004
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I think that a wiki as bug tracker is perfectly doable, and would show a nice structured use of a wiki. There is one required piece missing: a flexible means to query the wiki's structure.
Envision the following pages:
I think that a wiki as bug tracker is perfectly doable, and would show a nice structured use of a wiki. Envision the following pages:
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If something like the QueryPlugin was completed and functional, you could (from any page you wanted) ask the wiki to:
Using the QueryPlugin, you could (from any page you wanted) ask the wiki to:
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--JohnVolkar, 21-Jan-2004
--JohnV, 21-Jan-2004
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I would like to recommend [Agility Bug Tracker|], it's __very__ flexible and easy to use.
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I would vote for JIRA, I believe they will host it for open source projects that are large enough (I'm sure JSPWiki would qualify). I personally feel that a bug tracking system should be more structured than what a wiki can offer. Maybe if JSPWiki had form entry like some other wiki systems...
One reason is that I don't really like the idea of having n number of wiki pages to track n number of defect reports, seems like a misuse of wiki page semantics.
-- [KenLiu], 22-Jan-2004
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I would also recommend Scarab, we use it here, and it is very good indeed. We also reviewed BugZilla and Support Works (commerical). -- [KieronWilkinson] 22-Jan-2004
Itracker is quite cool [itracker link|] -- [MarcGodin] 28-Jan-2004
I like this [Bug Tracker|]. Its a hosted model and has a free license for Open Source Projects.
I've just started a new project, and I created a separate Wiki for it.\\
I will put as much as I can in the wiki: \\
- in plain wiki: use cases, user stories, tests descriptions, screencopies, etc..\\
- in JSPWiki's blog: the project log\\
- in plain wiki: bug reports, and tracking..\\
For this reason, I'd like to see JSPWiki more capable in the light bug reporting/managing business.
Janne: you chose to push JSPWiki in the blog direction, even though there were standalone blog solution (blojsom, f.ex). \\
- I'm ready to bet that doing so, you improved JSPWiki in non-blog related area. You also made more useful (because more feature rich), while staying not bloated. \\
- I'm also ready to bet that inserting bug managing features would have the same positive effects: more useful (because more feature rich), while not bloated.
--AlainRavet, 21 Sept 2004
The new bug tracking system is now online. See [SubmitBugReport] for more information.
-- JanneJalkanen, 18-Nov-2004
I am kind of appalled that JSPWiki does not use a real bug tracking system like bugzilla. Doing bug tracking with a wiki is like implementing a wiki with bugzilla comments. You can do both, but it is not the best way to go.
There are several advantages of Bugzilla versus having bugs in a wiki:
* there is a built-in workflow
* bugs are at one place, regardless of their status
* bugs have unique ids
* bugs have a life-cycle
* Bugzilla has lot of search options
* email notifications
* you can get statistics
OK, Bugzilla is ugly. But it is really useful.
--Jürgen Weber, 19-Jan-2006
This is a case of EatingOurOwnDogfood. I'm sure there are advantages to using other bug tracking systems (I'm personally quite fond of [JIRA]), but this is a great learning experience for wikis and forms.
-- JanneJalkanen
Well, if I'd work in a dog's food company, I still wouldn't eat dog food...
I think its wise to take the right tool for the right job.
Of course I find it right to enter wiki-able information for JSPWiki with itself, but bug tracking is a different thing.
How do I find "My bugs" with the JSPWiki bug tracking system?
How do I find "Today's bugs" or sort the bugs by date?
Have you looked at [Scarab|] ?
By the way, the Scarab people don't eat their own dog food either. They might well have implemented their wiki with bug entries and bug entry comments, but rather they chose a real wiki:
[Scarab's wiki|]
--Jürgen Weber, 24-Feb-2006
By your logic I should've never written JSPWiki either, as there were better/more complete versions available when we started ;-). We'll get there. Sooner or later.
You can tag any bug using [JürgenWeberBug], for example. Use your imagination...
-- JanneJalkanen
See other potential applications of JspWiki in [Category Wiki Applications]
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