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There might be more things that need to be stored (user settings, wiki settings, plugin settings). It would make sense to accommodate these somehow also.
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After looking at the times the PageProvider is accessed, and is actualy doing disk IO, I have implemented the following optimalizations on my system:
* a negative page cache (caching pagenames/attachments that do not exist)
** source of [CachedAttachmentProvider|].
** source of [CachingProvider|].
* a prevayler provider, which keeps all WikiPages (including txt) in memory.
** source of [PrevaylerProvider|] package.
Effectivly my system currently has 2 levels of caching.
# the CachingProvider (caching processed pages) and the CachedAttachmentProvider (caching nonexisting pages)
# the PrevaylerProvider (keeping all current unprocessed versions of all pages)
Attachments are not cached.
At the moment I have a very few pages, so all this caching is realy just overkill :)
''Side note: I've trailed from the JSPWiki tree pretty much now, so I decided to setup my own environment for my further developments. It is my intention to keepi a close eye on the JSPWiki cvs tree and merge those developments into my tree when applicable. If you like to see how it is working out... please visit []''
2003-09-01 [AikoMastboom]
Caching non-existant pages is a good source for memory leaks... 2.1.63 handles non-existant pages much more efficiently now, by simply assuming that if it's not on the list of all pages, it must not exist :-).
2.1.63 also fixes a serious bug (corrected with a single, forgotten line) which caused the CachingProvider to sometimes forget it had ever seen a page.
I also put these fixes on 2.0.51.
I will also add a ~CachingAttachmentProvider, since Niilo convinced me that it is a problem.
-- JanneJalkanen
Well, I did not yet look deeper into the code, but to avoid memory leaks I work with {{SoftReference}}. This allows me to cache everything without caring about {{OutOfMemory}}.
-- [Bebbo]
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