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!!Color Code Plugin
By [RoyPhillips]
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*[Short Properties file example|ColorCodePlugin_properties_eg] -- hope this helps, Roy
*and... Add the package lu.intrasoft.jspwiki.plugin to the plugin searchpath in the file WEB_INF/ (for example jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = lu.intrasoft.jspwiki.plugin).
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[Short Properties file example|ColorCodePlugin_egproperties] -- contents & location
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Hi Roy... nice. And a rather compact little beastie, for anyone who care to look at the code and design of the plugin -
One thing: some control over font-size would be nice... the HTML prologue/ epilogues currently come from hardcoded constants, and specify explicit sizes which would tend to override CSS?
We did manage to get past this - CSS style on 'code' tag, and use !important for the font-size specification. (thanks Phil Duhs for this tip)
My preference for code snippets, is definitely *smaller* rather than *large print*. We run a development shop here not a, ahem, remedial reading course :)
--Thomas Whitmore, 11-Jan-2007
At line 125 added 14 lines
Thanks for the comments, Thomas, I have added a new way of specifying markup styles in this plugin using spans/css classes (thanks to Damien French for the use case & testing). It works like this:
Set the parameter {{spans}} to 'true' ({{ColorCodePlugin spans='true'}}), and it will insert spans with class set to the 2nd part of the property for the type of token, so if it's a symbol (property 'colorcode.symbol') it'll get class='symbol'. An external css can then define the appearance of that element.
The built-in classes are : normal, keyword, symbol, string, number, comment, and 'specials' defined will get the user-defined part used as the class name, so "" will generate class="email"
Does that help in your case?
-- Roy, 16-Jan-2007
Has anyone done a properties file for python syntax? Thanks.
-- Mariano, 27-Aug-2010
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