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* [Steel
•Steel Template by RG. Last update 2004-03-09, works with (based on) 2.1.86alpha.
•nexBTemplate by PhilippeO, Lionel Roy, and BMT. Last update 2004-04-19, works with 2.1.86-alpha (info from example sites). A CSS-only template for corporate web sites (variants for edit/read-only available). download available!. LeftMenu.
•I18N Template by Olaf K. Last update 05-Mar-2004, works with unknown version. Internationalized/Localized versions, reported to be difficult to use with current JSPWiki versions because of its internationalization library I18N.
•Templates in German by MarcAndreDumont. Last update 15-Mar-2003, works with unknown JSPWiki version (? 2.0?).
•TableFreeTemplate by MikeMorris. Last update 06-Dec-2004, works with unknown JSPWiki version, LeftMenu. Author himself recommends using NexBTemplate or CleanTemplate instead.
•Top Menu Template by BaldeepHira (??, upload by JohnVolkar!). Last update 05-Mar-2004, works with unknown JSPWiki version. No LeftMenu, "quick & dirty implementation". Compare TopMenu2Template for newer version.
•D Wiki Template by DeBaser. Last update 05-Mar-2004, works with unknown JSPWiki version. No LeftMenu, tries to improve xhtml rendering (which ultimately requires updates in engine that only occurred in JSPWiki 2.3 and later).
Non-English Templates (German, Chinese) (not refactored into list above)#
•LightDe by Kristian Rink, German version
•MinimalTemplate by Lutz Tietze, English/German version.
•BrushedTemplate in German by Heinz-Josef Lücking
•Skywalker in Chinese by Geoffrey
•Star Template in Chinese (简体中文) by Dengber, a CSS-only template; you can edit the menu item just like ordinary wiki-pages.
•BeanSoft's Template in Chinese (简体中文) by Jacky Liu, a CSS-only template. for JSPWiki 2.4.71, JSPWiki 2.5.20. Updated at Jan 30 2007.
•For translations of basic wiki-pages see Samplepages.
Typo-Bug: ConfigurableTemplate-2.2.2-beta (.zip)
references the file SIDEMENUContent.jsp in file
this should be 'SideMenuContent.jsp' to work (on Unix/Linux machines) just replace '<%@include file="SIDEMENUContent.jsp" %>' with '<%@include file="SideMenuContent.jsp" %>' in above files. -- BuBu kakakakak 111111
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