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!!Welcome Page
Q: I want to design a welcome page with text boxes side by side and a central search. How can I arrange this without using tables? That seems a little bit difficult for me. Thanks for an answer.
A: Try working with columns, see [JSPWikiStyles#Columns]
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Q2: I'm trying to create a simple example and for some reason {{{%%}}} are not recognized on my wiki. Can some body please help me? Here is my example:
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This is normal text.
This text is red.
!! Links
Q: Can you set a link to jump to a section within a wiki page? Where a section is denoted by a '!!' header title.
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A: Yes. For example, [this link goes to the Implicit Line Breaks|FAQFormatting#ImplicitLineBreaks]. Click on "Edit this page" to see how it works.
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A: At the moment you have to use the footnotes feature. However, on 2.2 every heading also generates a named anchor, so you can build a table of contents using that.
A: On 2.2 every heading also generates a named anchor. You can also use the TableOfContentsPlugin.
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A: No built in support for this quite yet, but see [Hide Menu] for simple modifications that can make it possible.
A: Yes, there is a print stylesheet available, which all modern browsers should honor. See also [Hide Menu].
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Q: How do you insert breaks on newlines? Could you provide easy steps? (JSPWiki version 2.8.4)
You could allow HTML and use pre-tag.
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Q: How can I use a pipe sign in a table?
-- [ThorstenHirsch]
A: Simply put a tilde character before the pipe ( ~~| ).
-- [FlorianHoleczek]
Q: Is there any way to align text inside a table? I've been using the inline style sheet method of
|%%(color:red; text-align: right)12345.67%%
in order to right-justfiy a column of numbers. The color change works (so I know the inline style is being applied) but the text-align does not. Any ideas?
-- [PaulPigott]
A: Seems you need to put display:block in there too:
| | Just a long line to make differences more visible
|{{{|%%(color:red; text-align:right)12345.67%%}}}|%%(color:red; text-align:right)12345.67%%
|{{{|%%(color:red; text-align:right; display:block)12345.67%%}}}|%%(color:red; text-align:right; display:block)12345.67%%
-- [StruanKerrLiddell]
Q: How do I make bullets work inside a table cell. I am having multiple rows in each cell through {{{ \\ }}} ?
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Two CSS separators (i.e. four '%'s) between special characters can be used to stop them being wikified, e.g. '%%%%', _%%%%_, {%%%%{ and rw--%%%%--r--
'%%%%', _%%%%_, {%%%%{ and rw--%%%%--r--
-- KevanGelling
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There is nesting support, but only one way:
There is nesting support:
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* This is a first item.
## Task
## Another task
* This is the second item
## Yet Another Task
# This is a first item.
** Task
** Another task
# This is the second item
** Yet Another Task
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Unfortunately, nesting of '#' elements does not work as expected, because of a dumb bug in TranslatorReader (it always ends the current counter at the first non-# element.)
# This is a first item.
** Task
** Another task
# This is the second item
** Yet Another Task
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''This is now fixed in 2.1.81; nesting also works the other way.''
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Something like this?
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Q: Hello, how can I use iframes? As used on
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A: You need to write a plugin for that; or enable HTML (put jspwiki.translatorReader.allowHTML=true in your, but that is dangerous.
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Q: Is it possible to use images as hyperlinks instead of text? Thanx, Lutz
A: Yes, if the link portion of the link points to an image which should be inlined, then the text portion becomes a link. See [Pic] for examples.
!!! Redirects
I anticipate that we may occasionally want to change the primary name of a page. Is there something similar to MediaWiki redirection, so that we can make old links to a renamed page continue to work?
A: Yes. You can use the {{{ [{SET alias='NewPageName'}] }}} anywhere on a page to cause a redirect. However, note that the rename functionality of a page also has the ability to track all the links and rename them on-the-fly - just check the box right below the new name. You may also use the {{{ [{SET redirect='http://any.web.addres'}] }}} variable to redirect to an external page, as well.
!!Escaping Double Backslash eg for Windows networking paths
Q: How can I escape the double backslash sequence of characters when referencing a Windows network drive? The double backslash sequence is used for a new line.
A: I answered my own question. Put a tilde (~) character before the double backslash!
--Chris 27-Aug-2008
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