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!! Make Common Variations Of Words Point To The Same Page
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The idea is to have only one copy of content for a topic
yet have it accessible via any natural link.
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!! Add Links for Abbreviations
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Abbreviations are common example of multiple links pointing to the
same content.
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For example, the link [LM] and the link [LineModule]
both point to the same content. The real link us under
LM. LineModule uses the [TranscludePlugin] to point to LM.
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!! Add Links for Different Wording for the Same Thing
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Make different wordings for the same thing point to one place
using the [TranscludePlugin]. This idea is related to
[Use This WikisA bility To Make Natural Looking Links].
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For example, the idea of decoupling is used in several different
contexts. In order to provide links that fit naturally in
text, several different ways of saying decoupling were created:
[decoupling], [decoupled], [decouple], [DecouplingPatterns].
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!! Do Not Add A Title On Each Page
Your page name can serve as your page title because
page names are already displayed with spaces.
No other page title is necessary. When making bigger pages out
of smaller pages using the [TranscludePlugin] it makes
the documents flow better by not having a title. The
big document can decide on the title.
!! Use Bullets And Headers For Quick Scanning
People read wiki for information. Whenever a reader sees a big block
of text they just might keep moving on. There are some techniques
to help structure text so people are more likely to read it.
!! Add Headers
Add paragraph headers using the [exclamation | TextFormattingRules ]
points. Headers allow people to quickly scan a page for the
information they want.
!! Add Bullets
* If a paragraph makes multiple points then organize it using [bullet | TextFormattingRules ] lists.
* This tells readers immediately how many items there are to pay attention to.
!! Add a Table of Contents Jump Table
At the top of page create a table of contents with links that
jump to a point in the same page. This currently requires the use of html.
See [Build Environment] for an example.
!! Add Line Breaks to Separate Largish Sections
Use the {{{----}}} line graphic before a heading to separate larger
chunks of text on the same page. Very effective with the [table
of contents jump table].
Consider that you should [Pull Content Out Into Its Own Page].
!! Every Line is a Separate Paragraph
This is a variation of using bullets without the bullets.
Don't run two or more sentences together in one paragraph.
Instead, separate each sentence into its own paragraph.
This makes it easy for people to read because each paragraph
represents a separate thought.
!! Use Just The Right Amount Of Links
Like Goldilocks there is an amount of linking that is just right.
!! Do Not Link to Every Word or Phrase
This looks so bad on the page it just annoys people so they
won't read the content.
!! Link to the First Use of a Word or Phrase
You don't need to link to every occurrence of a word or phrase.
Linking to the first use of a word or phrase is sufficient.
!! Link to What You Want People to Read
If you don't link to something it is unlikely readers
will take the time to search for it. So link to everything
you want people to read.
!! Pull Content Out Into Its Own Page
If you see information in a page that can stand on its own then
pull it out and make it have its own page. Then make the original
page link to it or include it.
See [Create Knowledge Nugget Pages With Useful Titles] and
[How To Organize Wiki] for more information.
!! Add Links To Main Page
The main page has a link section for home pages and community topics. Put links to your pages where appropriate so other people can find your topics.
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