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Guys, this is obviously a troll. Let it go. I see these "you must all adopt mediawiki/tikiwiki/foobarwiki or your wiki is DOOMED!" -people come up every now and then, and they always go away once they've had their rant.
(There are many obvious reasons why this discussion is, in the end, rather irrelevant, but people rarely stop to think about them. However, the way that the original article was written was so obnoxious that I couldn't be bothered to use any more of my time in responding.)
-- JanneJalkanen
It's fine for you to have your own thing going on, but I don't know why you'd want to discard someone else's considered opinion so rudely, compatibility is really not such a surprising thing to want. Maybe it's the server attacks. I hope you can get it together.
--davidm, 06-Feb-2007
I support this proposal.
The main obstacle to using Wikis for internal purposes are the different markup languages.
It is difficult to move an internal wiki knowledge base to another wiki engine and everybody has to learn many wiki markup languages (for example because he works for many projects).
Therefore we standardize on MediaWiki markup. The MediaWiki engine is ok and easy to install.
We would like to use JspWiki for our internal project wikis, but it is not
possible because it uses yet another Wiki markup format and conversion is difficult.
--Christian Vester, 12-April-20076
Hmm... to ''try'' to satisfy everybody... why not propose that the folks who want to support Mediawiki (or ''other'') markup formats create a pluggable mechanism/extension for JSPWiki, and then provide the various markup modules, as well as create the markup converters?
--SteveLin, 06-Jul-2007
We already have nascent WikiCreole support in the 2.5.x development branch so it's demonstrably possible to build a MediaWiki parser as an alternative to the native one already in JSPWiki. If you're willing to do the coding, documentation, testing and provide maintenance on that code you're quite welcome to create that pluggable mechanism and the necessary markup converters. From my understanding of the core JSPWiki team we're all pretty busy with the project and our own associated projects so this is not a very high priority — we don't have spare cycles to devote to compatibility with other projects before getting our own done. If this is a real priority for someone, I can only suggest devoting the resources to make it happen, otherwise this will remain indefinitely in the realm of ''ideas''.
-- MurrayAltheim, 06-July-2007
I'd have to go with Murray here. I don't think anyone from the core team has any interest whatsoever in the Mediawiki markup - we're all busy with more important things.
Besides, I think the discussion is pointless anyway. WikiMarkup as such is an aberrance which must go away, and we shall all move to WYSIWYG editing. So I would much rather get good editors than muck around in the incredible mess which comes when you try to support multiple markup languages.
--JanneJalkanen, 06-Jul-2007
And, in addition, adopting Mediawiki format would force us to limit our functionality to whatever Mediawiki offers. If we have more or fewer features, our markup would not be compatible, and you would be screwed in exactly the same, though far more subtle and annoying way.
WikiCreole is as far as I'm willing to go, because that should work across ''all'' engines in the future.
--JanneJalkanen, 06-Jul-2007
I just would like to add: we [just released Creole 1.0 two days ago|]. Take a look at it, you will find many familiar elements with Mediawiki markup (Headings, links). A wiki offering creole therefore should make it also more appealing to Wikipedians.
--ChristophSauer, 06-Jul-2007
I agree that that we don't need one ring to rule them all. It makes sense to allow variants with each having a way to switch to or translate through a common standard like WikiCreole. The only annoying JSPWiki markup is the single-bracket links ([[link]) where a single-bracket is often part of my notes or quick code excerpts.
--KeithMashinter, 07-Aug-2007
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