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My installations work with v2.6.x and I solved my metadata requirements with the OpenRDF Sesame server. I use plain Dublin Core metadata expressed in XHTML as well as Dublin Core RDF wiki-page attachments. The RDF attachments are exposed via an definite url rendered dynamically by the {{ViewTemplate.jsp}} template. Metadata are kept in sync with the repository by a Groovy script. This script stores the RDF files via the openrdf API in the triplestore. Sesame comes with a SPARQL web GUI (aka ''workbench'') that is quite easy to use for SPARQL newbies.
Looking forward to future releases of JSPWiki I speak to keep metadata closedly attached/combined with the non-metadata (content) page as there should be no extra effort to keep the metadata attached with its target. Other combinations use to fail in every day operations. Second I would like to see an extra tab for editing metadata within JSPWiki maybe plaintext or form-based.
Please do not introduce non-standard metadata conventions. Dublin Core works well and further requirements can be easily adopted with PRISM or something like this.
My 2 ct. --GregorWillemsen, 22-SEPT-208
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