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[BorisFolgmann]: I don't see any reason why I need to fiddle around with WikiMarkup. It should be sufficient to have the possibility to add target="_content" to all hyper links in LeftMenu.jsp. Then add LeftMenu.jsp as a new tab to the sidebar and make sure that Wiki.jsp is no longer including LeftMenu.jsp. That's it. If you release a new version with the target parameter I could check, if I can modify the templates. A good idea would be to switch off LeftMenu.jsp in Wiki.jsp only when you're coming from a sidebar tab. One could achieve that by adding something like &leftmenu=false to the end of the href URL and check this parameter in Wiki.jsp.
BTW: for security reasons it should be impossible for the enduser to execute (incomplete) JSP fragments. I think the JSPs in the templates directory are candidates for this. Sun recommends to name them file.jspf and place them in WEB-INF/jspf. You can still include them in complete JSPs, but the user can no longer call them by entering the path to the files, since everything in WEB-INF is invisible.
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