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This is an ideas page for wiki localization (aka localisation).
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[Heinz-Josef Lücking]
--[Heinz-Josef Lücking]
My proposal is to the JSP-part of the JSPWiki, not the texts:
Currently I have collected some experience using the localization features of java (using the [ResourceBundle|]). The last JSP-code of JSPWiki I have looked into was sub 2.x; but it seemed for me to be possible to use a ResourceBundle in there.
There is some more documentation about JSP and localization at [].
In fact I would like to contribute the switch of JSP-Pages of JSPWiki to internationalization. This would include the English language as default.
--[Olaf K]
!Using Struts
I see 2 main advantages in using Struts 1.1 framework (
* I18N is supported through property files (more exactly resource bundles) using taglibs
* You would benefit from the tiles API to create JSPWiki templates.
I have the idea that moving JSPWiki to Struts is not difficult (I actually have a very basic version working). Since Struts is getting widespread, that would be a good improvement and the occasion to bring in 2 major features.
--[Denis Balazuc|DenisBalazuc]
I'm actually far more interested in [Velocity] than [Struts] :-). Velocity would allow far better templating support.
I have nothing against Struts as such, but I think we can do localization easily without it as well. It is a very complicated (and big) piece of code to bring in to do something that we can do without it as well.
-- [JanneJalkanen]
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