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!![JSPWiki Core Plugins|]
Some of JSPWiki's features are implemented as plugins. These [JSPWiki Core Plugins|] are available in all out-of-the-box installations.
!![扩展插件|Contributed Plugins]
任何人都可以开发一个插件,一些热心的人已经把一些插件以源代码的形式或者编译过的字节码的形式(.class或者.jar)列举在这里。你可以在你自己的Wiki系统上安装这些[扩展插件|Contributed Plugins]
!![概念中的插件|Concept Plugin]
!![表单处理扩展|Contributed Form Handlers]
表单扩展(WikiForm handlers)本质上也是插件, 但更倾向于以WikiForm的方式在JSPWiki系统上工作
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!![Contributed Plugins]
Anyone can develop a plugin, and some folks have been kind enough to list them here and provide either source-code or ready to use .class or .jar's. These [Contributed Plugins] require that you install them on your own wiki yourself.
[文档目录|Category Documentation]
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!![Concept Plugins|Concept Plugin]
Some ideas for plugins that __could__ be developed. If one catches your attention take ownership of it and develop it into something that can be contributed. Or if you have an idea for a plugin that you'd like to see get developed document it here and maybe some kind soul will develop it for you.
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!![Contributed Form Handlers]
WikiForm handlers are in fact plugins, but are intended to work closely with the WikiForms feature of JSPWiki.
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[Category Documentation]
Hi Admin, this page is a translation of wiki pages to Chinese Simplified language, so don't delete it. Might we better put this to the
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See also [WikiVariables]
--Jacky Liu, 18-Jan-2007
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