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!!IE 5.1, Mac OS X
!!Internet Explorer 5.1, Mac OS X
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* IE 7.0: The %~%category popup of JSPWiki 2.8.1 on Windows Vista Business on Apache Tomcat 6 generates an "Unknown Runtime Error". Does not happen at the 2.8.1 site, but all my personal 2.8.1 sites.
* IE 7.0: When a %~%category popup is the last content at the bottom of an article and it is not the first text on its line and that article contains any blank lines (i.e., lines that contain __only__ a carriage return) and that article is rendered from JSPWiki 2.8.1 to Internet Explorer 7.0 -- it produces an "Unknown Runtime Error" in IE7. This may have something to do with the fact that blank lines are treated by JSPWiki as paragraph or line breaks, whereas a blank line that contains a single space (or other whitespace) is not necessarily treated as a line break. Adding spaces to blank lines changes the vertical spacing of an article. See [this bug here|Bug with Categories and Articles with Blank Lines on IE7].
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!!Safari (MacOS X)
!!Safari (Mac OS X)
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