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!!Mozilla 0.9.x
If you are running an older version than what is [currently available|JSPWikiDownload], please consider upgrading JSPWiki before complaining about problems. We're not listing older problems here, but they are available somewhere in the page history...
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* Main development platform is Mozilla 0.9.x. Mostly everything seems to work fine, both on Linux and Win98.
* On Moz 0.9.9 clicking on "save" on Edit.jsp sometimes hangs. This occurs also on other Gecko-based browsers.
!!Mozilla & Mozilla Firefox
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JSPWiki development is happening mostly on Mozilla Firefox.
With Mozilla Firefox there are no problems as I see. In the [Test] page I couldn't see, if the different forms of hyperlinks moved to the same page.
* There is a problem with Mozilla not being able to decide whether it should run in strict or compatibility mode.
* This is being followed as [bug 178088|] in [Bugzilla|]
** Fixed in Firefox 1.0 PR, and subsequent versions of the Mozilla code.
* Firefox has a problem with centering images when using the Image-plugin. See the [JSPWiki Bugreport page|BugCenteringImagesUsingImagePluginDoesNotWorkInFirefox] for more details. I have also created a new section on the [Testpage|Test] to demonstrate this issue.
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Netscape 4.x is not officially supported by JSPWiki. We'll occasionally check if it still works, but there's no quality checking. Netscape 4 is such a nightmare to support, that frankly, only commercial corporations have the manpower to code around all problems...
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** If someone can fix this in a way that does not involve removing CSS attributes from tables, then by all means; submit a fix!
** Strangely enough, this seems to be fixed by 1.9.37. Probably due to the fact that we're now closing <TD>-tags correctly.
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* There is a built-in limit of 32000 characters in a textarea element. This means that you simply cannot edit long WikiPages. Yet another reason why you should switch browsers...
* Hitting "Back" from the preview page brings you back to the original edit page, with whatever edits you just made now missing. This makes the preview feature not very useful. If anybody has experience otherwise, please let me know. Maybe its a browser config issue, but I've tried playing with cache settings & the like. Incidentally, this is Netscape 4.75, Solaris 2.6.
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* The [LeftMenu] with the user name gets rendered with plenty-of-space in 1.7.3. Odd?
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!!Konqueror 3.1.0
This also includes Safari.
* Konqueror 3.5.0 has a problem with centering images when using the Image-plugin. See the [JSPWiki Bugreport page|BugCenteringImagesUsingImagePluginDoesNotWorkInFirefox] for more details. I have also created a new section on the [Testpage|Test] to demonstrate this issue.
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No obvious problems; a test page for encodings would help. Ah ha, the gobbledy gook above (Your average åäö) rendered as Ã?Â¥Ã?â?¬Ã?¶.
* Does not support UTF-8 encoded pages properly.
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''Which it shouldn't - they are standard UTF-8 characters. It seems that iCab does not understand UTF-8 properly.'' --[JanneJalkanen]
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JSPWiki is usually tested on 5.0 and 5.5, occasionally 6.0.
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!!IE 5.1, Mac OS X
!!Internet Explorer 5.1, Mac OS X
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* ''Hearsay'': Javascript warning?
* IE 6.0, Win2k PL, JSPWiki v2.0.52, default template - edit a page, make changes, go to preview mode, hit "back" on your browser and observe that changes diplayed in preview mode are gone, you have the original page without any changes. Firefox doesn't present this problem. I read in a changelog that the v2.0.35 was correcting this problem so why do I have it? Any solutions? --''ilfrin''
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;:''Ok so now I know what the problem is, it's the BASIC Authentication I use ... :( it causes IE to refresh every time, I think I'll have to tell by boss to learn live with it until the 2.1 version is stable with it's own authentication ... '' -- ilfrin
* IE 6.0, WinXP, JSPWiki 2.0.44 and 2.0.48 (haven't tried other versions): The LeftMenu is missing (not rendered). Using default template. -- [Chris] -- Not sure about reason of this, but at least for 2.2.28 ff I can confirm that this does not happen with IE 6.0, WinXP. -- Gregor
!!Internet Explorer 7.0
* IE 7.0: When a %~%category popup is the last content at the bottom of an article and it is not the first text on its line and that article contains any blank lines (i.e., lines that contain __only__ a carriage return) and that article is rendered from JSPWiki 2.8.1 to Internet Explorer 7.0 -- it produces an "Unknown Runtime Error" in IE7. This may have something to do with the fact that blank lines are treated by JSPWiki as paragraph or line breaks, whereas a blank line that contains a single space (or other whitespace) is not necessarily treated as a line break. Adding spaces to blank lines changes the vertical spacing of an article. See [this bug here|Bug with Categories and Articles with Blank Lines on IE7].
!!Opera 9.0, WinXP
The test page rendered out nicely for me.
*One issue that may not be Opera/JSPWiki related.. I setup basic authentication for the Edit.jsp page at my site, and Opera cannot log in. Firefox can get right in with the same credentials.
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!!Opera 5.0, Linux
* Line breaks would sometimes double when you save. Likely to be fixed in 1.7.2.
!!Opera 5.12, all platforms?
* Does not respect UTF-8 -> all pages with UTF-8 characters in them get clipped at the first non-ASCII character when you edit a page. Quite a serious bug, it seems - try to avoid this browser, please... --[JanneJalkanen]
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!!Safari (Mac OS X)
* Seems to work ok (I went to the [Test] page, and it seemed fine). --[MarkSzpakowski]
* "Keep Editing" button, in Edit.jsp, doesn't work (version 2.1.107 -- AlainRavet
** Seems to work nicely in 2.2 and Safari 2.0. --JanneJalkanen
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