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Here's an [overview|ActiveDirectoryIntegration] of what I did to get container authentication working for tomcat 5.5.x and Windows Active Directory.
--JRosler, 20-Oct-2006
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Is there LDAPWuthenticator available for newer versions.
Is there LDAPAuthenticator available for newer versions.
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Hello! I have a problem with LDAPAuthentication from kaukoluwiki. Im using JSPWiki 2.6. On my localhost it works
without any problems. But when I deploy the same code to a testserver (changing baseURL in the
LDAPAuthentication is not invoked. "Failed Login" error by AuthenticationManager.class
Has anybody an idea what is going wrong???
Thx a lot,
--Tom, 13-Mar-2008
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Just to be up to date: Which is the ''latest'' JSPWiki version running with LDAP Athentification?
We are still using JSPWiki 2.2.33 which supports LDAP - but we would like to update to a newer JSPWiki, if LDAP is supported. Which version do you recommend? We only need authentification, no groups and no roles.
Thanks, --els 26.6.06
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