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MagicDraw UML 10.0 EAP beta is released!
No Magic is pleased to announce MagicDraw UML 10.0 EAP beta version. The Early Access Program is the best way to try out the upcoming new MagicDraw Version earlier. This means that some of the features will be released early in the development cycle. We encourage you to try new functionality and give us feedback as early as possible. Your opinion is a critical link to providing the best possible solutions into the final 10.0 Version, and gives you the ability to influence the functionality of your UML tool of choice. Please note that the version you are accessing is in early stage development, thus its stability and robustness cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you do not use any EAP or beta releases for production software projects.
What’s new in MagicDraw 10.0 EAP beta:
• UML 2.0 metamodel support.
• Business process modeling using BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) support.
• Newly redesigned Smart Manipulators functionality that increases the speed of modeling and diagramming.
• New and more convenient GUI and non-modal windows for Specification dialogs.
Try MagicDraw 10.0 EAP beta, by downloading a new free demo version.
To download, follow these steps:
Please connect to
For your convenience you may select either a European or a US download server. The demo license key is sent to you by email.
We appreciate your business and continued interest in MagicDraw UML.
MagicDraw Team,
No Magic, Inc.
June 22, 2005
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