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!!Hello everyone, and welcome to the home of JSPWiki!
%%warning This wiki is getting outdated, we are moving to [Apache JSPWiki|]%%
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!New users
!!! What is JSPWiki?
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If you're new to Wiki, please see [One Minute Wiki] for tips on how this whole shebang works. Basically you can edit almost any page!
If you want to test this Wiki out, please use the [SandBox] . __PLEASE__ experiment with that page first !
Welcome to JSPWiki, a feature-rich and extensible [WikiWiki] engine built around the standard J2EE components (Java, servlets, JSP).
*New to Wiki's? Please see [OneMinuteWiki] for a quick tutorial if you're unfamiliar with Wiki's.
*If you want to test this Wiki out, please go to the [JSPWiki SandBox|], which allows you to try everything easily.
*The JSPWikiFeatures page shows you what JSPWiki has to offer.
*Who is using JSPWiki? See JSPWikiSites.
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There is also a [TODO list], and a list of recent [News]. An automatically generated list of latest changes can be viewed in [RecentChanges]. Your frequently asked questions are answered in the [JSPWiki FAQ].
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If you have any cool ideas, please see [SubmitNewIdea], or if you have a bug to report, please go to [SubmitBugReport] and fill in our fancy form.
!!! Download JSPWiki
[JSPWikiDownload|Pic/downGreenArrow.png][Download|JSPWikiDownload] your own copy of JSPWiki now!
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- If you just happened to stroll by, then why don't you leave your signature in the [Guest Book] [Pic/personal.png].
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!!! Support / Help
* JSPWikiDocumentation - the official documentation section.
* JSPWikiFAQ is where your frequently asked questions are answered.
* JSPWikiSupport - general support page.
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!!Interesting Places to go...
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There are quite a few places to see. Use the list below for some more or less interesting things and contribute your own. Visitors build this site.
!!! Extensions / Extras
Since our visitors can (and do!) actively contribute to the continued development of JSPWiki, please remember to bookmark this site if you find something of interest either from a visitor perspective or from a desire to contribute materials of your own.
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!Ongoing discussions
* ContributedTemplate - themes/skins/layouts for JSPWiki.
* ContributedPlugins - many contributed plugins are available.
* ContributedProviders - different page providers here.
* ContributedFilters - list of contributed filters.
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* [Advanced Editing Showcase]
* [Ideas - SubPages]
* [Ideas - Metadata]
* [Permalinks considered harmful discussion]
* [JSPWiki Documentation] - we will need to sort this one out...
* [JSPWiki Logo Samples] - vote your favourite JSPWiki logo!
* [PageFilters]
* [Ideas]
* [JSPWiki face lift]
* [JSPWiki Development]
* [Embedding JSPWiki]
* [Why choose JSPWiki]?
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!Open problems!
!!! Development
JSPWiki is open-source software that is released under the Apache Public License. This website ( serves as the platform for project collaboration. The JSPWiki community welcomes any help with the project. You don't need to be a software developer to get involved -- there are many other ways to contribute. See the [Getting Involved|GettingInvolved] page for more details.
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* [Can not use mapped drive in Windows as Page directory]
* [No file defined for this context]
* [Opening externel links by default in a new window]
* [Saving an edited page needs minutes to show new page]
* [Image map with links within the wiki]
* [Search does not use authorization]
* [How To Organize Wiki Pages]
* [Can We Display Split Page Name]
* [Macros Expansion In Pages]
* [AnyPlugin to insert arbitrary url]
* [When does LeftMenu get recompiled?]
* [Changing LeftMenu]
* [Deleting a Page|PageDeletion]
* [Getting an overview of all pages|GettingOverviewOfAllPages]
* [Attach dir not found]
* [Setting locale]
* [HTTP Links on the same server as JSP Wiki|sameserverHTTPLinks]
* [Installing Hula]
* [Getting RSS to work]
* [SerializationException]
* [CVS and JSPWiki clash]
* [Debugging Simple Authentication Problems]
* [Search Engines Locking Pages]
JSPWiki is an Apache TLP.
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!Older discussions
* JSPWikiDevelopment - starting point for JSPWiki development.
* Need to report a bug? Create a [new bug report|].
* Got an idea? Create an [enhancement request|].
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* [DiscussionAboutWiki]
* [SerializingJavaToXML]
* [ExceptionHandlingInJava]
* [MemoryHandlingInJava]
* [Watching with a watchdog in Java]
* [HowToDesignRelationalDatabases]
* [Programming Philosophy]
!Software development issues
!!! Other Places to go
Below is a list of possible areas of interest, or feel free to use our Search feature at the top of the page to search by keyword or topic.
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* [CVS tips]
* [Design patterns]
* [Application Frameworks]
* [Java Tips] [Pic/java.png]
* [JavaScript tips]
* [JSP tips]
* [UML Tips]
* [RecentChanges] - an automatically generated list of the latest changes to can be viewed from this page. Any active discussions for this site can be seen on this page too.
* [OngoingDiscussions] - static list of topics that have an ongoing discussion extending for months or years.
* [Categories|WikiCategory] - ''some'' pages on this site are organized into sections called ''Categories''.
* [PageTags] - ''some'' pages on this site are marked with a special link to identify them with a specific request.
* [PageIndex] - list of ''all'' the wiki pages on this Wiki site.
* [UserList|Pic/personal.png][UserList] - personal pages of visitors
* [UnusedPages] - pages that are ''orphaned'' (not linked to by any other page).
* [UndefinedPages] - pages that are linked to but have no page text written yet.
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!Other things
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* [Users' own pages|UserList] [Pic/personal.png]
* [Found from the net]
* [Abbreviations]
* [Linux tips] [Pic/linux.png]
* [SupportingTools]
* [Other web sites using JSPWiki|JSP Wiki sites]
* [Index|Page Index]
* [Unused pages]
* [Undefined pages]
* [Fun Stuff|Fun]
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