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Im am using the math plugin but I don't get the right output!
e.g Input = '2\sum_{i=1}^n a_i \;\int_a^b f_i(x)g_i(x)\,dx'
Output = "sum" and "int" instead of the symbols for sum and int.
Does anybody know about this failure?
--MantschThomas, 23-Nov-2007
solved the problem by myself!
The problem is that I have to add en extra \ in the formular.
e.g. 2\\sum_{i=1}^n a_i \\;\\int_a^b f_i(x)g_i(x)\\,dx instead of 2\sum_{i=1}^n a_i \;\int_a^b f_i(x)g_i(x)\,dx
--MantschThomas, 29-Nov-2007
Hi everybody,
the Math plugin was created by [SebastianBaltes], the creator of another great plugin: [Applet|AppletPlugin]. Although Sebastian is missing, another plugins contributor named [NascifAbousalhNeto] modified the original Applet plugin and created a 2.4 compatible version. The modified version just changed the path inside the .jar. However, applying this change to the Math plugin does not work... :-(
Who has Math running in 2.4? Any help will be welcome.
--[MRA], 23-Jan-2008
To make it work you also have to change "com.ecyrd.jspwiki.plugin.DownloadJobServlet" in your web.xml file to "packageName.DownloadJobServlet".
--Achim Rohn 11-Aug-2008
This guy and his webpage have disappeared. I found the plugin sitting on some google code repository and I attached it on to this page (see Attachments page). You can reconstruct the Acme.jar file from Acme.tar.001 and Acme.tar.002 using 7zip.
--AnonymousCoward, 2009-10-06
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