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Research Assistant Professor on [The Maersk Institute of Production Technology on Southern Danish University|] working with a project, that is to make E-learning better by using a project based approach instead of the normal (Lectures/Exercises approach).\\
I attend to use a Wiki for some experiments to provide better infrastructure for the students working on a project.\\
Please contact me with ideas or comments on how to use Wiki in the learning process on my mail address: \\
''By the way, my machine (which administers the [NotificationList] is getting fatal errors when trying to send email to this address -- [MahlenMorris]''\\
CEO - Blob Communication
ve developed a Wiki based Content Management System partly based on the ideas of this JSPWiki. Thanks for the excellent coding.
Please feel free to contact me with whatever problems you've got with wiki development.
!!!Messages for Morten
FYI, there's a broken link to your own place on the TableTemplate page.
I was intrigued to see your comments about using a Wiki to write documents. I am trying to do exactly that with my copy of JSPWiki. The thing I find missing is the means to output the Wiki in an XML or some other document format. Am I missing something? AlexMcLintock
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