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!! Extended language support
At line 6 removed 2 lines
PDF plugin works fine in my personal web site. But it seems doesn't support Chinese characters. Any solutions?
-- 2006-04-19
At line 9 changed 6 lines
It doesn't support Greek characters neither. Does anyone have a solution for this?
--xarisd, 2006-08-01
!!Make Table of Contents links (and other links) lead to PDF-destinations
!Make Table of Contents links (and other links) lead to PDF-destinations
At line 28 changed one line
!!Table support with non-unique headings
In the latest version 2.2 the table of contents is still converted to links. Will there be a future release which converts the table of contents to normal internal links in the pdf file?
-- JanJoker, 25-Apr-2008
!Table support with non-unique headings
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! Similar no images problem
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Hiya, very nice plugin but i also cant see images. I am running JSPWiki v2.4.102 on HPUX under apache-tomcat-6.0.13. I installed off your latest jspwiki2pdf-jar-with-dependencies-2.1.jar and made the 2 changes to the web.xml
Is it possible to export all wiki-pages in one document?
At line 46 changed one line
My page looks fine except there are no images, it just goes onto the next thing, not even leaving the correct space.
--AnonymousCoward, 29-Jan-2008
At line 48 changed one line
thank you for your help
The plugin currently only works on normal wiki-pages AFAIK, so this would stop this sort of page from working. If you need this, please add it as a RFE at
At line 50 removed one line
- louiszezeran 4-july-2007
At line 52 changed one line
Actually i fixed my own problem. I had the BASE url wrong and then I set page links to "absolute" and it all worked out. I checked out the log4j output and it said it had a wrong URL for the images which put me onto this one. A great plugin, thank you!
At line 54 changed one line
- louiszezeran 5-july-2007
hi, is possible to export form objects (e.g. radio button, checkbox,...) into PDF???
I didn't find any stuff about it, did xsl-fo support form objects?
At line 57 changed 2 lines
! How can I get the source code about PDFPlugin?
I have installed the new PDF plugin, But it seems does not support Chinese display, do you have any solution? or where can i get the source code about PDFPlugin, thx!
--ThoHD, 28-May-2008
At line 60 removed 26 lines
- Louise 5-July-2007
Source is available at the project page at If you get it to support chinese, please contribute back your changes!
-- PålBrattberg
! No images
I'm using jspwiki2pdf-jar-with-dependencies version 2.1.1 with JSPWiki 2.4.103 and Tomcat 6.0.14. ~BaseURL is customized:
jspwiki.baseURL= http://myserver:8080/wiki/
Here two interesting lines from the log file:
DEBUG FOP - File not found: http://myserver:8080/wiki//wiki/attach/Workflow/registry-sized.png
ERROR - Image not available:
The correct path to the image would be: ~http://myserver:8080/wiki/attach/Workflow/registry-sized.png \\
Were does the additional "/wiki/" came from ? Any hints ? Thanks.
- Alexander, 28-Oct-2007
At line 57 added 6 lines
This Plugin can not output CJK characters.
If you want use it with CJK.You must modify the servlet like this.
tidy set encoding to UTF-8( __tidy.setCharEncoding(Configuration.UTF8);
__). The input stream must be UTF-8.Modify default.xsl to use CJK fonts.
Give fop the user config file(where usable fonts be defined).Config the font base url (which locate to the font metrics file ).
Good luck.
At line 88 changed 8 lines
Image does not work for me either until I change the linking to absolute:
jspwiki.baseURL= http://myserver:8080/wiki/
--AnoCow, 02-Jan-2008
--ChunlinYao, 2008/07/24
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