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!Customized a template for use as a intranet site
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Used [Red Man Template] as a starting point. Modified templates/mine/*.jsp files to change page/table structure. Therefore, the icon in the top left of the screenshots is part of the first row (instead of LeftMenu).
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Created a new class to scan txtfiles/*.txt and create a file according to certain business rules. Each unique *.txt filename is the ''key'', and the __section__ the file is in is the ''value'' in the properties file/datastructure. The __section__ is passed along as a URL parameter. This is checked against when displaying the LeftMenu. The two screen shots show two different left menus. There are a total of six left menus/sections in this intranet site.
Incomplete and yet to be fine tuned, this is just an FYI to let others know what is possible.
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