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This Template is based on the BrushedTemplate 2.4.x.\\
It was developed as a toolkit for agile collaborative requirements engineering as part of my diploma thesis.
The goal was to develop a toolkit as a plug-in (template) without modifying the JSPWiki engine.
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The Template was tested with JRE 1.5.0, Tomcat 5.5.17, JSPWiki 2.4.53
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For comments please use the RETemplateDiscussion
!Installation Instructions
# Download the {{}}. Unzip this file to {{/templates/re}}.
# Download {{REWiki.jar}} and {{xercesImpl.jar}}(from [], Version 2.8.1 and upper) , and copy these files to directory {{WEB-INF\lib}}
# Edit the following entries in the {{/WEB-INF/}}: \\
{{jspwiki.templateDir = re}} and {{jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = reWiki.plugins}}
# Restart JSPWiki.
# You need to create 3 groups: "admin", "developer" and "stakeholder".
# If you want to use the FCKEditor, download the Version 2.3.1 and copy this into: {{\scripts\fckeditor}}\\
(It is impossible to use Plugins in FCKEditor)
# To use the example pages download the {{}} and unzip this in your {{pageDir}}. Make sure you back up your files first. (A part of the example pages are in German language)
* __JSP-Maping & self-defined page types.__ You can define new page types and assign your JSP-files for the representation and workflow implementation of this new types.
* __Requirements specification and validation.__ The template allow to create and use templates for requirements specification and validation. (see Screenshot01.jpg).
* __New comment functionality.__ Its allow you to make subcomments. (see Screenshot02.jpg) The comments are saved in separate files as tree.
* __Requirements analysis.__ Some page type with workflow implementation for requirements analysis. (Cost estimation, value estimation, cost/value analysis).
* __Plugins.__ Some new plugins for access on the RE Framework.
* __Requirements lifecycle__ and several further features...\\
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Thank to the [Dirk Frederickx|DirkFrederickx] for allowing me to use the BrushedTemplate-.
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Maybe you can add some useful description to this page ?
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--Harry Metske, 08-Sep-2008 22:50
will this work with jspwiki 2.8.2?
--ziggy, 12-Jul-2009 04:31
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