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Note: This plugin does not appear to be compatible with JSPWiki v2.4.91 --DaveWolf
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Syntax: [[{albertwong.~RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' detail='1'}]\\
__Question:__ shall we add something to besides reloading the application? If so, what shall we had?
[[{albertwong.~RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' detail='1'}]\\
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[{RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' detail='1'}]
[{albertwong.RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' detail='1'}]
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Plugin working for me in Websphere 5.0. However, I'm finding the size= parameter doesn't override the number of items returned by feed. All other options appear to work. Any ideas what I should look for? Thanks and regards, Speedy
;:Further to this, just looked in the code. Appears that this hasn't been implemented? Is that true? I'll make code amendment locally. Be good to have confirmed.. Regards Speedy
;:Couldn't help myself. I've fixed the code issue (the original loop has been changed to an Iterator, but the size code check had been overlooked!). I've put a quick hack in to fix it and uploaded the individual jar (which includes source and class). Regards Speedy
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