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I think the girlfriend took over Sebastian's free time... :-)
I modified the package name to {{com/sbaltes/jspwiki/plugin}}, added the source for the Acme library dependency (it looked abandoned) and fixed JSPWiki (2.4.11) and JDK (1.4.2) compatibility issues. I only tested the Applet plugin, and it was working fine. See attached files.
-- NascifAbousalhNeto, 22-Jun-2006
But it seems that the classes for the Math plugin are missing in the archives. Is it possible to add them also? -- sschmidt, 03-Dec-2006
Hi sschimidt,\\
I looked at the source and I have indeed removed some classes from the original package:
3754 06-21 13:17
4268 2005-01-19
4067 2004-11-19
5268 2004-08-11
I don't remember exactly why - I think it was due to dependencies I was not able to resolve at the time. If I get around to play with it again I will post an update.
-- NascifAbousalhNeto, 06-Dec-2006
I tried running the SBaltesMod.jar version to no avail. It doesn't generate any <area> tags within the <map> tags. I'm running TomCat on Intel, and it seems my newlines aren't "\n\r" like it's using in the tokenizer.
The Acme package in it is incomplete, but it's used in Text2Gif and Math. They (and the pageviewcounter) have more dependencies and I can't fix them now.
So I'm sorry to say that this plugin package doesn't work out of the box. It's replacement [ImageMapPlus] does! Thx, Nascif!
--BertKoor, 12-Jun-2008
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