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You must now submit a bug using our spankin' new [Bugzilla|] tracker!
This form was used to submit a new bug report for JSPWiki. It's kept here as an example on how you could possibly make your own bug reporting system, but disabled due to it being a subject to spammers.
If you are reporting bugs against a CVS or an alpha version, PLEASE try the [latest|JSPWikiDownload] nightly build first. Many of the reported bugs have been fixed in later versions. The ~ChangeLog may be surprisingly helpful...
PLEASE do not submit bugs against experimental branches (we know they're broken, and we do not guarantee their operation), unless you can confirm they exist in the stable version as well. If you feel compelled to use these unstable versions, please join the jspwiki-dev mailing list and report your findings there.
[{FormSet form='reportform' status='NewBug' title='' map='container=Servlet Container;java_version=Java version;pageprovider=[PageProvider] used;criticality=[Bug criticality];x;status=[Bug status];browser_version=Browser version;url=URL;os=Operating System'}]
[{FormOutput form='reportform' handler='BugReportHandler' populate='handler'}]
Please also remember to come back to check the generated bug page since we may have questions for you.
!JSPWiki bug report
[{FormOpen form='reportform'}]
|Title of the bug:| [{FormInput type='text' name='title' size=80}]\\''Mandatory. Please try to be brief, use a whole sentence of ten words or less. A prefix 'Bug' will be added when creating the Page name from it.''
|JSPWiki version: |[{FormInput type='text' name='version'}]
|Servlet container: |[{FormInput type='text' name='container' size=40}]
|Java version: |[{FormInput type='text' name='java_version'}]
|Browser used: |[{FormInput type='text' name='browser_version'}]
|Operating system: |[{FormInput type='text' name='os'}]
|URL that shows the bug: |[{FormInput type='text' name='url' size=60}]\\''or type in a JSPWiki page name''
|Page Provider: |[{FormInput type='text' name='pageprovider' size=40}]
|Criticality: |[{FormSelect name='criticality' value='EnhancementRequest;CosmeticBug;*LightBug;MediumBug;BadBug;CriticalBug;FatalBug'}] (See [Bug Criticality] for more information.)\\''Suggestions for bug categories and names for bug categories are welcome.''
Please enter a freeform description here (in WikiMarkup!). If you have authentication problems, please make sure you enclose any ACL stuff within a ~{{{ ~}}} -block, otherwise you will probably lock yourself out of modifying the page:\\
[{FormTextarea name='description' rows='15' cols='65'}]
[{FormInput type='submit' name='x' value='Submit report' size=100}] (Please click only once!)
You can track all new bug reports on the page [NewBugs], confirmed and open bugs in [OpenBugs], and closed bugs in [ClosedBugs].
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