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__See also__ : [About Users], [Managing Users - An Overview|Manage Users - An Overview], [Managing Users], [Managing User Groups], [Editing Field Permissions], [Configuring User Type Capabilities ], [Using a show statement]\\ \\
Generates a table of contents based on all the headings on the page.
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The resulting list is wrapped inside a DIV tag, which can be used to create the style and look of the TOC, and a [Collapsible Box] style.
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__What is a user type?__\\
A user type is a user profile characterized by a set of role-based permissions. A user type defines a set of capabilities.
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__What is a Persona?__\\
A persona is an archetype representing the needs and goals of a particular group of users. A persona, when defined in the user type, drives the permissions to view fields and screens in the system.
__Can I change the persona of a user type once it is saved?__\\
Yes, but the capabilities assigned to the user type re-sets to the default capabilities.
;__title__:''string'' : The title for the table of contents. By default, uses no heading.
;__numbered__: ''yes | no'' : Optional parameter to add numbers to the TOC items
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__Can I change the persona without changing the capabilities?__\\
If you do not want to copy the default capabilities, the recommended way is to create a new user type by copying the existing user type.
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__What are User Groups and Types?__\\
Refer to [About Users].
Basic Table of Contents (with default heading)
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Table of Contents, with alternate title and item numbering
[{TableOfContents title='Page content' numbered='yes'}]
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__Who is an Active user type?__\\
The user type that is available for use.
!About the generated HTML
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__Can I change the state of a user from Active to Inactive?__\\
Yes, if there are no active users associated with this user type.
The list that is created is essentially an HTML ul -list. The generated HTML might look like this:
<div class="toc">
<div class="collapsebox">
<li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-QuickReference">Quick reference</a></li>
<li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-WritingText">Writing text</a></li>
<li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-Hyperlinks">Hyperlinks</a></li>
<li> <a class="wikipage" href="Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox2#section-SandBox2-Footnotes">Footnotes</a></li>
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The look-and-feel of what it actually looks like on the browser is achieved through the magic of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Take a look at the default template jspwiki.css file for further information.
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__When can I delete a user type?__\\
You can delete a user type only if no users of this type are available in the system.
__Does copying a user type to create a new user type copy the permissions associated to it?__\\
The title is rendered as a HTML H2 element.
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A user type is a user profile characterized by a set of role-based permissions. A user type defines a set of permissions. The Manage User Types screen allows you to add and edit user types and set user type permissions.\\
This screen enables:\\
[{TableOfContents title=''}]\\
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__How to access__
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To open manage User Type screen, do the following:
Back to [JSPWikiPlugins].
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||__Step__|| __Action__
|1.| Click [jobs_code_list.png] in the Global Toolbar.\\The Managing System Settings screen appears.
|2.| Click [Users_Tab.png].
|3.| From the [Show Statement|Using a Show Statement] __Show __list box, select __User Types__ if not already selected.\\The __Manage Users - User Types__ screen displays with the details of the first user type in the right pane. %%information __Note__: 1. The show statement displays the screen name you last viewed before logging off the system.\\2. You can view the User Types option in the show statement only if you have the required access rights.%%
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!Adding a user type
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To add a user type, do the following:
I'm a bit confused - is this different from the TableOfContentsPlugin?
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||Step|| Action
|1.| Click [Add_note.png] in the Manage User Type screen.\\The Manage User Type screen appears with blank fields.
|2.| Type the Name and the Description of the User Type. Select the %%(color:brown)%%tip-Persona. Persona is an archetype representing the needs and goals of a particular group of users; Deity, Administrator, Hiring Manager, Recruiting Manager, Recruiter, and Vendor are the personas in the system./% %%
|3.| Click [save.png].\\The system saves the User Type and displays the name in the right pane.
--TS, 16-Oct-2006
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!Setting user type permissions
Permissions must be given to you to enable you to operate the system. There are various categories of permissions. These are:\\
* Job Requisitions
* Applicant
* Administration
* Screening and Assessment
* Activities
* Tasks
* Reports\\
To set permissions for the selected user, do the following:
||__Step__| __Action__
|1.| To go to a particular category block, do one of the following:\\1. Click the required category link given below the User Type header.\\2. Scroll to the required category in the Permissions block.
|2.| Each category has a number of sub-categories. Click [Expand_permissions.png] to expand the sub-category further. Click [Collapse_permissions.png] to collapse the category.\\The list of individual permissions related to the sub-category displays.
|3.| To select the individual permissions, select each permission by clicking the check box or radio button.\\%%information __Note__: Clearing the check box disables the child controls under the selected category. Child control data will not be saved.%%
|4.| Follow steps for setting permissions for each category.
!Copying user type details
You can copy an existing user type's details to create a new user type. To copy, do the following:
||__Step__|| __Action__
|1.| Click [Copy.png] .\\The details of the selected user type is copied to a new page but the user type Name field is blank.
!Saving user type
To save the changes made on the page, do the following:
||__Step__|| __Action__
|1.| Click [save.png]. The system saves the user type and displays the user type in the left pane.
!Deleting a user type
To delete a user type, do the following:
||__Step__|| __Action__
|1.| Select the user type that you want to delete from the left pane. Click [Delete.png] .
%%information __Note__: You can delete the currently displayed user type only if no users of this type are available in the system.%%
The information in the Manage User Type screen displays in two panes:
* Left Pane: Displays the User Type list with the details of the first user type in the right pane.
* Right pane: Displays two sections: The User Type details section and the Permissions section. The User Type section displays the details of the user type selected in the User Type List, whereas the Permissions section is used for setting capability-wise permissions for the user type.
__Illustration__ \\[Mngusertype.png]
__Screen details__
The section descriptions are given below:
''__User Type List __''
Displays the list of user types in the system.
''__User Type Header__''
||__Field__|| __Description__
|Title| The user type's name.
|Capability groups: Job Requisitions, Applicants, Administration, Screening & Assessment, Activities, Tasks, Reports | The capability groups based on the given permissions.
|Active| The user type's status: active or inactive.\\%%information __Note__: You cannot change an active user type to inactive if there are any active users with this user type. %%
| [{Image src='Add_note.png'}] | Click this to add the user type.
|[{Image src='Copy.png'}] | Click this to copy the details of the selected user type with the user type name blank.
| [{Image src='save.png'}] | Click this to save any changes made to the user type.
| [{Image src='Delete.png'}] | Click this to delete the user type.
''__User Type__''
||__Field__|| __Description__
|Name| Displays the name of the selected user type in Edit mode.
|Description| The description of the selected user type.
|Persona|Determines the user type with the core persona.
||Field|| Description
|[{Image src='Expand_permissions.png'}]|Expands the section and the blocks in each section.
|[{Image src='Collapse_permissions.png'}]|Collapses the section and the blocks in each section.
|Name|The name of the capability group.
;:This describes the version of the plugin as present in the v2.4.x. It is also part of the documentation page for v2.4. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
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