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In this case, I pulled the markup directly off the examples tab of this Wiki page. Example 1 is the first place I noticed the issue. After tossing in some debug statements I came across the scenario. This is what I see
*The plugin detects a pipe and fires registerStart.
*Register start checks current position + 1 and detects open parenthesis and sets cssBracket to 1
*when next character is processed, it's the opening parenthesis registerStart just looked at, but fires handleCss anyways.
*handleCss increments cssBracket by 1, setting it to 2.
*eventually the closing parenthesis is detected, but the sum of decrements gets cssBracket down to 1 only. Therefore the rest of the content is identified as css and not table markup.
I do see where the code increments aCursor. If this increment would apply to the original position variable (i) then the code would work fine because the parenthesis would not be processed causing the increment. But since it's being passed by value, the increment doesn't change the original integer. It looks like the new integer is being returned to the calling method as well, but it's not being assigned to i. Maybe this was the original intention?
Not sure if the J2EE container has any influence here... I'm running in WebSphere Application Server at the moment.
-- [Joseph Hobbs|jhobbs] 11/5/2008
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