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||Col ||Col2 ||< ||C ||<
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;:Dirk, I can confirm the findings of Candid Dauth. It seems the plugin needs an extra character on all but the last lines that define a row (using multiple line editing) - adding a blank solves the problem... I noticed the problem while editing a simple table with headers like AA, BB, CC and seeing just single characters A and B displayed! Could it be a CR/LF problem? -- [Wouter]
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I've found the problem with %~%table-filter combined with TablePlugin. May be the problem is in %~%table-filter style, I'm not sure. Please, look to the sample below:
||A ||B ||C
|group1 |name1 |v1
|^ |name2 |v2
|group2 |name3 |v3
If you look to the result you will see that filter for the first column contains values ''group1'', ''group2'', and ''name2'' which is not correct. So merged cells seems to be incorrectly interpreted by %~%table-filter.
-- Matvey Kazakov, 2009-02-20
;: This is correct. The table-filter assumes all rows of the table have the same number of cells. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
Anyone know which JSPWIKI versions work with latest version of TablePlugin (v0.3)?
-- Bruce Rosenquist, 2009-06-24
;:The plugin is compatible with v2.4.xx, v2.6.xx and v2.8.xx. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
-- Neil, 11 Jun 2012
Does this work? I can't get it working on my JSPWiki and there doesn't seem to be a "how to install" section... Thanks
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