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\\The default 'escape' string is '~'.
\\The default 'escape' string is '~~'.
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Just one thing:\\
Just one thing:
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;: This is because it is mixed up with the default escape character of the TablePlugin, being the {{~~}}. Actually, the TablePlugin will skip over any character just after the escape character AND remove that escape character. An easy way around it, is to use a double {{~~~}} : the TablePlugin will remove the first escape character; and the JSPWiki rendering engine will process the second one. Another approach is to define another escape character, e.g. {{$$$}} or any sequence.\\Of course, the best solution would be that the JSPWiki engine is intelligent enough to support nested plugins (i.e. plugins nested inside the body of a plugin). This is still not the case in the v2.3.x new engine. So long, plugins will have to implement there own escape algorithms - mixing up with default JSPWiki behaviour. Too bad ;-) (a similar issues was faced by the Forms plugins - which need to include e.g. variables) --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
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