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!!!VP-UML and SDE
VP-UML is a feature-rich and the most easy-to-use UML CASE tool in the market that provides excellent interoperability with other applications.
Smart Development Environment (SDE) is available in a number of versions, each of which is seamlessly integrated with an IDE and provides code round-trip engineering functionality.
!!Features of VP-UML and SDE
!Seamless integration with the major IDEs
SDE is available in a number of major IDEs, including [Microsoft Visual Studio|], [Borland JBuilder|], [Eclipse/IBM WSAD|], [NetBeans/Sun ONE|], [IntelliJ IDEA|], [JDeveloper|] and [BEA WebLogic Workshop|], providing a seamlessly integrated environment that supports the entire model-code-deploy software development process.
!Teamwork support
When several team members work on the same project, version control is always a major concern. The time and effort spent on merging the works of each team member is very expensive, and is very risky that the previous works may be overwritten by the new changes. Visual Paradigm's Teamwork Server automates these complex development processes. The key benefits of Teamwork Server includes:
__Faster development__
Blend the skills of different developers to create applications that would be difficult or impossible for a single developer to create, saving time in managing the works from different developers.
__Merging the works automatically__
Unlike some other teamwork system, you don't need to specify what you will change while checking out the project. All the changes made by different developers can be merged by the VP Teamwork Server automatically. Users can specify how to resolve the conflicts when it occurs.
__Project versioning__
Changes of the project are stored into different versions. So you never miss what you have done even you have overwritten your work accidentally.
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