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see also [FileProviderComparing]
see also [FileProviderComparing], [FileProviderMoving]
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Moving from [RCSFileProvider] is a bit more complicated, since it involves you checking out the pages manually and storing them in the OLD directory. Could someone perhaps contribute a short script for this?
BTW, if you can live without your previous version history, just delete the RCS-subdirectory in the JSPWiki page repository, and then change the page provider. All new versions will then go to the VersioningFileProvider directory.
Though in all honesty, I haven't tested it all under Windows. There should be nothing Linux-specific in it, though... :-)
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Well the neat thing (I suppose) is that I haven't managed to get the [RCSFileProvider] to work yet so nothings actually been checked in to the RCS directory yet. Given that though, will the VersioningFileProvider actually work either?
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It should - it does not require anything extra. Just set the provider and you're set to go. (Before 1.8.0 you needed to have the RCS diff as well, though.)
The problem with [RCSFileProvider] is that it requires you to set up [RCS], which was always designed as an UNIX tool, and none of the Windows ports have ever tried to integrate to Windows in any clean way. VersioningFileProvider does not have this problem.
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What do you put as your "# The command for RCS checkin" etc when you are using VersioningFileProvider ?
Commenting them out seems to work.
You don't need the RCS checkin commands at all when you're using VersioningFileProvider. [RCS] is not used at all in that case.
One Problem I have noticed with the VersioningFileProvider (using JSPWiki v2.1.22-cvs) is that the "last changed date" displayed at the bottom of pages is never updated as it was using the RCSFileProvider. Could this be because I did ''not'' follow the recommended
procedure for switching from RCSFileProvider to VersioningFileProvider?
I have in my archives somewhere an RCSFileProvider ready tarball of the initial set of Wiki pages (at least as of some version of JSPWiki from quite long ago). If anybody wants them, just drop me a line. I am happy to contribute them if anyone thinks they would be useful to help people get going quickly with the RCSFileProvider.
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