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I am using the file system versioning and it seems to work quite well. One thing I think would add some value is to implement something that is similar to feature branches. This would allow a user to work on a draft copy and continually save, without causing version clutter. For example:
* The last check in version of a page might be 1.2
* I edit the page but suspect that I won't have it complete in the short term, so will need to save an intermediate copy
* Rather than click "save" I choose to save a draft copy (equivalent to a private branch)
* This new copy is saved in the file system as - nobody else can see it except me
* I make some more changes, and save again as
* Now my work is complete, so I choose to "merge" my changes back to the main trunk as 1.3
* The feature branch can now be discarded, reducing the file system clutter
Now, the tricky part is how to handle the merge. Some options are:
* apply my changes back to the main trunk, blowing away any subsequent edits that another user makes (easiest)
* deny the merge (easy, but impractical)
* perform some sort of smart merge (harder to implement in software)
If the first option was implemetned and I was a nice person, I would just manually merge the content myself. This would probably be the easiest approach to take in the beginning. You could also limit the user of private branches to certain trusted users.
What do you think?
--DavidC, 09-Sep-2006
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