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It is available from JSPWiki 1.7.0 onwards.
It is available from JSPWiki 1.7.0 onwards. To use it, edit the file as follows:
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#Change the {{jspwiki.pageProvider}} to {{VersioningFileProvider}} ''with no leading or trailing spaces!!''
#Confirm the line {{jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = ''some path''}} is correct for your system
#Add a line {{jspwiki.versioningFileProvider.pageDir = ''some other path''}} to the file, although it doesn't seem to be used for anything...
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[ 充电器][ 面料][ ][ 读卡器][ 切割机][ 深圳印刷][ ][ 抛丸机][ 制罐][ 木工机械][ 物流设备][ ][ 吸塑机][ 毛毡][ 交通设施][ 压滤机][ ][ ][ 铝箔][ ][ 吹塑机][ 喷涂][ 喷涂设备][ ][ 风水][ 密封胶][ 胶粘][ 吸尘器][ 消毒柜][ 货架][ 展架][ ][ 印花机][ 金刚石][ 陶瓷][ 钢板][ ][ 拉链][ 自动门][ 自吸泵][ 容器][ 软管][ ][ 温度仪表][ 仪表][ ][ 催化剂][ 化学试剂][ 胶粘剂][ 染料][ ][ 注塑机][ 造粒机][ IP超市计费系统][ ][ 纺织机械][ ][ 液位计][ 插座][ 体育用品][ 服务器][ 继电器][ 紧固件][ 制服][ 健身器材][ 太阳能热水器][ 婚纱摄影][ ][ 包装设计][ ][ 电话变声器][ 照排机][ 餐具][ ][ 实木地板][ ][ 手套][ 防水材料][ 签证][ ][ 反光材料][ 打标机][ 温湿度计][ ][ 实验室设备][ 玻璃器皿][ 耗材][ ][ 纸箱][ 丝印][ 纳米焊条][ 升降机][ 压缩机][ 手机窃听器][ 振动筛][ 空气净化][ ][ 深圳机票][ ][ GK][ 网络电话卡][ VOIP][ ][ 卫星电视][ 监视器][ ][ 机床][ 电子秤][ ][ VOIP网关][ ][ 板蓝根][ 电力猫][ 化工机械][ 分离设备][ 粉碎机][ 仪器][ 仪表仪器][ 光学仪器][ ][ 印刷机][ 耐火材料][ ][ 六合彩][ 深圳机票][ 视频点播][ 速递公司][ ][ 密封件][ 电动工具][ 办公家具][ 热水器][ 金属丝网][ ][ 国际货运][ 报警器][ 茶叶][ 热处理设备][ ][ 建材机械][ 工程塑料][ ][ 综合布线][ ][ 燃烧器][ ][ 注册英国公司][ 工业胶带][ 液压机][ 过滤器][ 整流器][ 逆变器][ 扬声器][ 蜂鸣器][ 显示屏][ 天线][ 塑封机][ 望远镜][ ][ ][ 机电设备][ 防盗器][ 印刷机械][ ][ 语音网关][ ip超市][ 保健品][ ][ 消防器材][ 建筑机械][ ][ 医疗设备][ 仓储][ ][ voip在线交易中心][ 电容器][ ][ 会计师事务所][ 法律咨询][ ][ 离心机][ 触摸屏][ 条码][ 工业设计][ 臭氧][ 润滑脂][ ][ 铜制品][ 石墨][ ][ 转换器][ 铁塔][ 热电偶][ 刻字机][ ][ ][ 投影仪][ ][ 注册美国公司][ 相框][ 蜡烛][ 石材][ 钢结构][ 管材][ ][ 深圳机票][ 快递|速递公司][ ][ ][ 钛白粉][ 塑料制品][ 阀门][ 纯水设备][ ][ 工艺品][ 脱毛][ 净水器][ 蜂蜜][ ][ 门禁][ 瓷砖][ 电机][ 耳机][ ][ 轮胎][ 电子仪器][ 汽车配件][ ][ 光端机]
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Is this available (vJSPWiki v2.2.13) ?
Right now I have pages with more than 150 revisions !
-- RealGagnon
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!an error that An unknown exception java.lang.NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp
!an error that An unknown exception java.lang.~NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp
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An unknown exception java.lang.NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp
An unknown exception java.lang.~NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp
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Check and make sure that it's not a permissions problem. Can the web server (tomcat?) create files in the directory specified as the pageDir.
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jspwiki.versioningFileProvider.pageDir = some path
3. jspwiki.versioningFileProvider.pageDir = some path
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This is also needed (at least in 2.3.92):
At line 99 added 96 lines
4. jspwiki.usePageCache = true
I found that if there is a space at the end of "jspwiki.pageProvider = VersioningFileProvider
" then you get the exception "An unknown exception java.lang.~NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp". Make sure there are no spaces at the end.\\
I am running v2052 (stable) using VersioningFileProvider. Is there any way to get rid of older versions of a page? Since I found the Preview would often lock up my process with the "Oops you are in conflict" msg, I took to Saving each time, and now have 200 versions :-) I probably still won't use Preview and will end up with another 200, so I would like a way to delete them.
I am looking for an easy way to mark certain versions of a wiki page.
JSPWiki always shows the latest version of a page, even if that information is 'under construction'.
See [VersionLabel] for more discussion.
-- [DF|DirkFrederickx]
Hi guys, I've been trying to get versioning working without success.
Then I get the error
ERROR com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.CachingProvider - Unable to locate provider class VersioningFileProvider\\
java.lang.ClassNoFoundException: Class not found in search path!\\
Ideas anybody ?
Check that you don't have extra spaces around the "VersioningFileProvider".
-- JanneJalkanen
Hey, thanks mate that's sorted it. I thought that I'd previously checked that I've read it above, maybe I've been at this keyboard for too long.\\
So that now appear to work OK, for the record.\\
Fedora Core 2\\
Tomcat 5.5.4\\
Java 1.5.0\\
JSP wiki 2.1.115.alpha\\
I had an idea about using a versioning provider for storing document drafts, which has now been submitted as an idea, as it is not specififc to the Versioning File provider - [IdeaPrivateVersionedDocumentDrafts].
--DavidC, 09-Sep-2006
I use Versioning File Provider to get email notifications... the sad thing is, it does not send email (discover new versions), if I change only the attachments of the page and leave the page itself untouched, any idea?
Maybe I need to use the External Provider based on diff command, but I doubt, it looks like an attachment is not considered as a part of the page and stored in own subfolder.... Of course, I can add my own Provider, but I think somebody has already done this...
Use the RSS feed; it also gives you notifications on the attachment changes!
-- JanneJalkanen
Thanks much, Janne... The thing is I need to configure the jspwiki.pageProvider property, in order to use the automatic email Notificator...
I do not see any provider which implements the VersioningProvider interface in the RSS package....
They have nothing to do with each other. As long as you have any provider which does versioning (like VersioningFileProvider, JDBCProvider or RCSFileProvider), RSS works automatically.
-- JanneJalkanen
Well, I see it. My goal is to send email automatically to a subscriber when the attachment gets changed... I do not see how RSS can do it, please give me some hints/links if it can.... (I am not very familiar with RSS)
Question on Oct 10th, 2011:\\
Can one switch back and forth between {{jspwiki.pageProvider = FileSystemProvider}} and {{jspwiki.pageProvider = VersioningFileProvider}}? \\
I have a JSPWiki using {{FileSystemProvider}} now. I want to switch to {{VersioningFileProvider}} for a test, but I might be forced to switch back, if the user's don't like it.
Additionally: Can I manually delete old versions when using {{VersioningFileProvider}}? I fear that disk usage might increase to heavily.
Thanks. -- JCKi.
Yes, you can move back and forth between them. Disk usage in general isn't a problem, but you can remove old versions, but don't leave version gaps - i.e. you can delete versions 1..20, but not 1.10 and 18 and 19.
-- JanneJalkanen
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