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Check and make sure that it's not a permissions problem. Can the web server (tomcat?) create files in the directory specified as the pageDir.
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I use Versioning File Provider to get email notifications... the sad thing is, it does not send email (discover new versions), if I change only the attachments of the page and leave the page itself untouched, any idea?
Maybe I need to use the External Provider based on diff command, but I doubt, it looks like an attachment is not considered as a part of the page and stored in own subfolder.... Of course, I can add my own Provider, but I think somebody has already done this...
Use the RSS feed; it also gives you notifications on the attachment changes!
-- JanneJalkanen
Thanks much, Janne... The thing is I need to configure the jspwiki.pageProvider property, in order to use the automatic email Notificator...
I do not see any provider which implements the VersioningProvider interface in the RSS package....
They have nothing to do with each other. As long as you have any provider which does versioning (like VersioningFileProvider, JDBCProvider or RCSFileProvider), RSS works automatically.
-- JanneJalkanen
Well, I see it. My goal is to send email automatically to a subscriber when the attachment gets changed... I do not see how RSS can do it, please give me some hints/links if it can.... (I am not very familiar with RSS)
Question on Oct 10th, 2011:\\
Can one switch back and forth between {{jspwiki.pageProvider = FileSystemProvider}} and {{jspwiki.pageProvider = VersioningFileProvider}}? \\
I have a JSPWiki using {{FileSystemProvider}} now. I want to switch to {{VersioningFileProvider}} for a test, but I might be forced to switch back, if the user's don't like it.
Additionally: Can I manually delete old versions when using {{VersioningFileProvider}}? I fear that disk usage might increase to heavily.
Thanks. -- JCKi.
Yes, you can move back and forth between them. Disk usage in general isn't a problem, but you can remove old versions, but don't leave version gaps - i.e. you can delete versions 1..20, but not 1.10 and 18 and 19.
-- JanneJalkanen
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