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I see wiki as "model" which could be used to describe several kind of "aspects" concurrently. For development effort purpose, let take some kind of specification or regulation and copy paste it to properly named pages. Then we can add links to chapters referring else where in that doc (to increase understandability). Here it is great if {{!#1.2.3 paragarph}} syntax could be use to extend footnotes for local referencing capability (syntax sugar for {{![1.2.3|#1.2.3] paragarph}} and ommit's annoying brackets at that context). When analysis phase starts, common substantives are marked as links and design notes could be recorded at those addressed pages. Main idea is to use some page property style feature to annotate page like 'uml.analysis =class' and use special pluging to include class diagram drawing generated from those annotations to inline on wanted place. That way we can utilize JavaDoc style feature to describe structure of "thing" by it self, or ability to produce alternate "view"(s) from it's primary representation and ebmed them.
-- OlliKorhonen 2007-9-6
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