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his is really a simple template, just changed some css file and the search button. But guys in our corp said it looks great...
The here:
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Installation Instructions
The vista template consists of a self-contained zip, which should be easy to install.
# Download the latest [].\\
Make sure to check the version of your wiki with the version of the template - they should match, otherwise some page might failed to load!
# Unzip the file: you will see a directory {{/vista}}
# Copy {{/vista}} to your jspwiki installation as {{/templates/vista}}
# Edit {{/WEB-INF/}} to refer to the template directory\\
{{ jspwiki.templateDir = vista}}
# Restart your jspwiki app
That's ok, see a screenshot here:
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Please, anyone can tell me if this template works with 2.6.1 release? It's more colorfull than the default one and I like it. It's strange that nobody continues developing templates. Why?
Alberto, 14-march-2008
Nope. I tried it. Displays the page, but when you try and edit, it times out too quickly.
Stone, 2008-04-23
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