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The here:
[{Image src = 'vista_template.gif'}]
[Jacky Liu] Nov 25 2006
Below is Chinese Instructions of Chinese version
# 下载最新的[].\\
请实现确保你的 wiki 版本和本模版的所基于的版本一致, 否则一些页面可能会无法正常显示!!
# 解压缩文件: 你可以看到一个目录 {{/vista_zh_cn}}
# 复制 {{/vista_zh_cn}} 到你的 jspwiki 安装目录, 路径如下 {{/templates/vista_zh_cn}}
# 修改 {{/WEB-INF/}} 来指向当前的模版目录:\\
{{ jspwiki.templateDir = vista_zh_cn}}
# 重启 jspwiki 应用或者 Tomcat 服务器.
Correction request: I tried to look at the screenshot (*.gif) attachment, but it does not open as an image. Since the size is suspiciously identical with the zip file, I suspect something...
GregorHagedorn, 2007-02-27
This is a foolish mistake by me, thank you! It's just a template without any new idea, just changed some colors.
--Jacky Liu, 26-Feb-2007
Please, anyone can tell me if this template works with 2.6.1 release? It's more colorfull than the default one and I like it. It's strange that nobody continues developing templates. Why?
Alberto, 14-march-2008
Nope. I tried it. Displays the page, but when you try and edit, it times out too quickly.
Stone, 2008-04-23
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