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I would like to remind Makna, the work of Karsten Dello. See [JSPWikiApplications]. OWL (Ontologies) may be better suited than "plain" databases to bring some structure to Wikis. I will try to provide feedback while experimenting on this. Any other working on this kind of issues ???
--[ChristopheDupriez|], 14-Apr-2007
Yes, Christopher, the [Ceryle project|] is effectively a wiki-as-database (it's quite a lot more than that, but it is at least that), itself a standalone application that hosts one or more wikis, providing UI access to the wiki pages, metadata, etc. Rather than using OWL (which is not really suitable for this kind of thing) it instead uses a Topic Map model. I've been developing a classification system that uses the wiki to express both the contents and their interrelationships, the latter as ''assertions''. (Note: please don't confuse the ~CeryleWiki with the actual Ceryle application — that's just its online home page.)
-- MurrayAltheim, 14-Apr-2007
Wheres is the "DOWNLOAD" button? i have downloades JSPWiki but does not have the "Wiki as database" feature by default and this page does seem to provide a simple way to add it. PLEASE HEEELP! Thanks a lot
Wiki Screen
Object > Title > Tags > Content
Content > May be varios columns
Object > May have a son, so may be a father of other object connected.
For example
Object > Book > very creative sheets > ContentOfBook
ContentOfBook > Books of Literature, Books of CienceFiction
Object > The Moon (Class > Book of CienceFiction) > very good > this book was released...
So The Moon is son of BooksOfCienceFiccion who is son of ContentOfBook who is son of BOOKS
can understand my requeriment?
Have to be a way to add "PROPERTIES" to the content, so i can attach a file, write the line of editor, a place for the year of the book
I then i want to order ALL THE BOOKS In the database by year of release, cant this be done in this world with whatever software it requires? i cant pay for it!
--AnonymousCoward, 01-Oct-2007
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