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A [WikiInterchangeFormat] would provide an open and standard data format for sharing wiki pages between different sub-species of wiki, and generally for serving wiki page data to arbitrary client programs.
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* latest effort:
* [MeatballWiki:WikiInterchangeFormat]
* [WikiWikiWeb:WikiInterchangeFormat]
* [OWiki:WikiInterchangeFormat]
This opens up ''such'' a can of worms :-). It would be useful, though.
Anyway, note the cool [InterWiki] links we have. [MeatballWiki] and [Ward's original wiki|WikiWikiWeb:WelcomeVisitors]. :-)
Hey y'all. I've updated the [MeatballWiki:WikiSyntax] list with a view to move towards a [MeatballWiki:WikiParserModel], and then a workable [MeatballWiki:WikiInterchangeFormat] (a [MeatballWiki:WikiMarkupStandard] is not a good idea). The TikiWiki guys are trying to put together an RFC for wiki markup for the IETF, so it looks like the pressure is on to finally do something. Please come over, add whatever you think is needed, like missing syntax, parser theory, algorithms, best practices, refactoring, etc. -- SunirShah
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