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!Latest to Download
Latest version is at []. The ''full'' version supplies all the outside libraries used, ''nolibs'' doesn't. Source, classes, and javadocs are included in both.
Different bits of the sample applications require different libraries. The .zip file with 'full' in the name supplies these libraries (though I really need to check the licenses to see if that's kosher).
*Everything requires ''xmlrpc.jar'', which can be found at [] and ''jakarta-oro.jar'', found at [].
*The [EmailGenerator] application needs ''activation.jar'' and ''mail.jar'', from [] and [], respectively. That's how it sends emails.
Xmlrpc.jar and jakarta-oro.jar are also found in the [JSPWiki 1.7.0 download|JSPWikiDownload]. And, as I said, they are all provided in the ''full'' version of the .zip file.
[MahlenMorris]: Version 2002-04-20 is now out:
*I've given up on version numbers for the time being, as they have become increasingly non-sensical.
**Added text justification width as a new property ''message.justify''. Default is 72 characters long; if the property is missing, no justification will be done.
**Added ability for users to specify that when a page has changed, send the whole page in the email, not just the delta. Can apply to an individual page or to RecentChanges. Property ''entry.wholepageindicator'' lets the email administrator pick the string that decides this; current default is ''!''.
**At startup will mention the Wiki server it's trying to contact.
** ''Seems to be working nicely. Preformatted text (stuff between 3x{ and 3x}) seems to lose its indentations, but solving that would require parsing of the input. --[JanneJalkanen]''
** ''Check also a new application at [TouchGraphWikiBrowser].''
[MahlenMorris]: Version 0.7.4 is now out:
*PageInfo has methods for getting raw text and HTML.
*EmailGenerator has property so that default time zone can be local time.
*In EmailGenerator, ''-pagename'' means changes to that page(s) won't be shown.
''Hey, the last one is a cool feature I was just going to ask you for... You read my mind :-) --[JanneJalkanen]''
[MahlenMorris]: Version 0.7.3 is now in place:
*PrintWiki.assemble() can now be used with Wiki's other than this one :)
*RPCClient now uses ORO's CacheLRU to cache recently used PageInfo's and raw page text. So there's value in keeping RPCClient's around, as the caching can make retrieval significantly faster.
[MahlenMorris]: Version 0.7.1 is now out:
*The .zip file is now better organized. You can just unzip the 'full' version and run it.
*There are scripts for running the email generator (modify the properties file first!). ''Please test the .sh version and inform me of its flaws; I don't have a Unix box to try it on.''
*[EmailGenerator] is now more robust when communications with the Wiki XML-RPC server fails. If any exception occurs when trying to put together the email, EmailGenerator should sleep 3 minutes and then try again.
*The thread doesn't sleep for as long between emails, so the email should be sent within a minute of the hour designated. ''Really, though, I should just be calculating how long to sleep. Describing the behavior of my code always makes me aware of its flaws.''
[MahlenMorris]: Version 0.7 of Hula is now available at []. I believe that this version fully supports the JSPWiki 1.7.0 base-64 XML-RPC API. Improvements from 0.6 include:
*[EmailGenerator] now has an file, where connection info and so forth can be specified. A sample is available in the file. The file should be in the current directory when EmailGenerator is started. It is re-read each hour, so that you can tweak the format of the emails or what have you without stopping the program.
*[EmailGenerator] now doesn't halt when the server is unavailable.
*The LinkUtil class is now more useful. I'm working on an application that uses it.
*listLinks now supports 1.7.0 method.
*Janne's superior UTC<->Local conversion technique is now used.
*Whatever other random dumbness i noticed.
It's 1:30 in the morning here in California as I post this, so any bugs wouldn't be a surprise :). But I'd still like to hear about them below.
[MahlenMorris]: Version 0.6 is available at []. Much cleaner code, a few new methods, and it can autodetermine the time zone (which is now in milliseconds). Plus there's now code for diffing between different versions of a page; it's being used in the Email code for [NotificationList]. Completely incompatible with version 0.5, by the way, the packages have all changed.
As you may observe, I'm toying with the name __Hula__ for this project.
The email generation code used for [NotificationList] is also now included.
All comments welcome.
[I|MahlenMorris] have created a little Java class library that makes it easier to write clients that connect to the [WikiRPCInterface]. It's currently at the rather arbitrary version number of 0.5. It's compatible with the 1.6.12-beta of the server. It relies on the [Apache XML-RPC|] class library.
Also included is the PrintWiki class that's doing the work of merging the pages on [this page|]. It's not very sophisticated, and currently works strictly with this Wiki site.
This is quite cool, I have to admit :-).
Note that the XML-RPC API changed a bit in 1.7.0. Any chances in getting the changes reflected in the RPCClient code? I'd love to install this on an other Wiki site I'm running... --[JanneJalkanen]
What changes have I missed, Janne? The only ones i know of are:
*UTF-8 support. Not sure i need this, since I'm doing all the conversions already.
*listLinks changes. I have updated code for this, I just haven't pushed out a new version yet. ''Done.''
*Your improved time-zone-figuring-out-code. Will fold it in soon. ''Done.''
Otherwise, as far as I know, the code i have is working fine against 1.7.0. Mind you, I have a long list of things I'd like to add, but no other compatibility issues. What am I unaware of? --[MahlenMorris]
[JanneJalkanen]: I was referring to the listLinks changes, especially the fact that we're now using strings to denote the link type instead of integers. But if you've already updated it, then I have nothing to worry about :-). Anyway, the API should be stable now, i.e. I'll add to it, but I won't change it unless I really, really have to...
Do you still have to make the link parsing JSPWiki-specific? Isn't the plain HREF enough? I'm referring to version 0.7.1. --[JanneJalkanen]
I'm presuming you're talking about the PrintWiki class. I haven't put any time into that lately (I've been polishing EmailGenerator), so it hasn't been updated to use listLinks(). But if someone's actually going to use it, I'll try to sharpen it up. -- [MahlenMorris]
Janne, does 0.7.3 do the trick? -- [MahlenMorris]
WikiRPCClient was the early working name for [MahlenMorris]'s Java API that acts as a client for [WikiRPCInterface]. It is now known as [Hula]. See [Hula] for current information.
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