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I have a question,
Having taken a quick look at [XMLRPC] I can appreciate that it is simpler than SOAP and that's a good thing. However I wonder, given that [SOAP] appears to have the weight of W3C behind it whether [XMLRPC], in the long run, is going to be a dead end?
This is not meant to be a flame. Whilst I am very interested in Web services I don't have an axe to grind about them yet, nor fixed views on how they should be implemented.
I'm just curious about the choice of [XMLRPC] and whether it's a good strategy?
It's not like we absolutely exclude [SOAP] - in fact, I'll almost certainly make a SOAP interface whenever I see the need for it, and then we offer [three RPC interfaces|WikiRPCInterface]. No biggie. [XMLRPC] was simpler, easier to set up, far easier to understand, and it's not a [MovingTarget] like SOAP. (SOAP has currently many problems, such as IBM and Microsoft battling over the dominance of who owns the [WebService] model.)
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[MahlenMorris]: I'm now actively working on it. Currently under development at [Hoop].
I am implementing MoinMoin:AdoptedPages. This feature uses a kind of RecentChanges server. Until now I planned to use the WikiRpc interface (getRecentChanges). But for really tranfering RecentChanges from one wiki to another there is a lot of stuff missing in the interface. The values transmitted with the wiki RSS feeds look much more usefull. I think I'll extend the data return by {{getRecentChanges}} with some of the RSS values (link to page, diff link, ...) Any opinions about this? -- MoinMoin:FlorianFesti
It would be useful to have a pageHistory call too.
--AnonymousCoward, 06-Jul-2007
I have some trouble in jspwiki rpc2,
I set the url url: "/proxy/",
the post data is "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?><methodCall><methodName>wiki.getBackLinks</methodName><params><param><value>
the string is encoding with utf-8,but the response is
<?xml version="1.0"?><methodResponse><fault><value><struct><member><name>faultString</name><value>
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: com.ecyrd.jspwiki.xmlrpc.RPCHandlerUTF8.
I test all the version 2's new functions is response the same error message.
but when i test the version 1,is runs well.
anybody can tell me why?
-- [Tony.Liu]
We don't support version 2 here. It is just a draft plan.
-- JanneJalkanen
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