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!Unpacking a .war file
The JSP Wiki web application files are distributed in a .war file. To unpack this file, change the file extension from .war to .zip then unzip the file using a windows utility.
!Resetting a Password
After running the Install.jsp page, an administrator account will be created with a username of 'admin' and a random password if want to access the 'admin' account or access any other account without the password, you can reset the password.
Passwords are generally stored only as an encrypted hash so they can't be easily recovered, only reset. To reset a password, create a new dummy username and password in the usual way, open the userdatabase.xml file that resides in the WEB-INF directory and copy the password hash from the dummy username and paste it over the password hash that you want to reset.
In windows you may have to change the security settings of the .xml file so you have permission to write to it.
!Installing the core pages
The core pages are distributed in a file with a name like '' and this file should be copied into the content folder. The address of the contect folder can be found in the file and will be defined in a line similar to the following.
\\jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir =/p/web/www-data/1000c/ \\
When these 'core files' are present, the wiki should have some basic content such as wiki etiquette, help files etc.
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